The 6 Best Gratitude Journals to Up Your Thankfulness This Season

We all know how valuable gratitude is, and yet it can be difficult to make a daily practice out of it. We've got meetings and carpool and so many little tasks cluttering up our minds, taking a moment to be thankful is at the bottom of our list. This year, let's change that with these beautiful gratitude-focused journals.

Whether you are an avid writer or a journal newbie, I've rounded up the best of the best to get your gratitude flowing!

1) The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal

Price: Under $20

Now you KNOW I love some Gretchen Rubin, so of course her one-sentence happiness journal makes the top of this list.

Journaling can feel overwhelming if you don't consider yourself a traditional journaler. But never fear, Gretchen takes the pressure off with this journal that only requires ONE sentence a day while spanning five years of time.

This method is not only doable, but super rewarding! You'll have all of those moments of gratitude saved like a time capsule. Filling in this beauty is an easy, everyday ritual–no matter how busy your day might be.

2) Good Days Start With Gratitude

Price: Under $10

If you're looking for some mindfulness as part of your Good Morning, Good Life routine, this self-exploration journal is the best pick. Complete with weekly quotes for inspo and (of course) space to pen your daily gratitude, this journal sets you up for success with your morning gratitude.

I love how this one has a “weekly checkpoint” that allows you to assess where you are in your gratitude journey. Think of how cool it will be to look back after a few months and see the difference! Anything that calls out progress for me to see is a WIN in my book.

3) Two Minute Mornings: A Journal to Win Your Day Every Day

Price: Under $15

Another morning routine jewel! If your mornings aren't quite as long and luxurious as you'd hope, but you still want to squeeze in some gratitude–this one's for you. (Because who doesn't have TWO minutes to spare, right?)

This journal is based on positive psychology research, which is a fancy way that, yes, there is science behind happiness! In order to form a positive mindset, this journal guides you to create a constructive daily focus, then execute on it.

Minimalistic, mindful, positive. (And that light yellow cover? I'm sold.)

4) Ink + Volt Gratitude Journal

Price: Under $25

The design of this gorgeous keepsake is convincing enough on it's own, but the quality and aesthetics inside are also top-notch. This is designed to be a personal treasure you can pass down to others, which I love.

Bonus! This also comes in SIX stunning colors: Cashmere Blue, Rich Ivory, Lilac, Peony, Winter Sage (pictured), and Thistle Blue. It includes 60 daily entries and 10 weekly challenges, plus it is made in the USA!

If you're looking for something simple and beautiful that you'll look forward to picking up each day, look no further.

5) Wellness Workbook

Price: Under $15

First off, how adorable is this? This pink-on-pink beauty is calling my name. If you want an in-depth approach beyond just listing your gratitude each day, this journal more than delivers.

There are over 100 pages on goals, personal exploration, action, and relaxation. There's also a planner layout to help you stay on track with gratitude lists, daily and weekly check-ins, and five colored sections for each facet of personal growth.

Say no more! I'm in.

6) Mindfulness Everyday Journal

Price: Under $35

This handmade journal just emulates peace and clarity! The 6 months of pages dive into habits, rituals, personal goals, mind mapping, and morning/evening reflections. You'll focus on your actions, thoughts, and day-to-day emotions as you fill it out.

This is you ideal mindful day companion, alongside your planner of choice. (May I suggest the Good Morning, Good Life Planner?)

Plus, you'd be supporting a small business this holiday season and that's a gift worth giving!

Do you have any go-to gratitude journals? Comment below and let me know!

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