Getting Your Life Together (What They DON’T Tell You)

Have you ever felt a little…out of control?

Sometimes, even though we have the best of intentions, our habits get away from us. Our routines start to slip, and eventually its 1am and we're on the couch watching Netflix with a pile of unfinished work, unmet responsibilities, and a general sense of yikes looming over our heads. You can't even enjoy Netflix like that.

Relatable? It's time to get 👏 your 👏 life 👏 together!

It happens to the best of us. We take a vacation or go through a breakup or encounter some other disruption in our daily life. The routine goes out the window, and suddenly we need a major revamp. We've read the books, we've skimmed the blogs, we follow all the right IG accounts. We know what getting your life together should look like, right? But why does it feel so tough?

Don't be fooled — there are some things the picture-perfect newsfeed tends to leave out.

Making the changes that matter isn't always pretty. These are the deets on really getting your life together.

5 Secrets of Getting Your Life Together

1. You'll need to have some hard conversations

Maybe getting your life together includes watching less Netflix, eating healthier, or spending more time on a side hustle. If the people you often engage in unhelpful habits with don't necessarily want to quit those habits…you might have a “we need to talk” moment on your hands.

Getting your life together may require you to adjust the way you spend time with others. If your partner is used to sitting down for 4+ hours of Netflix every evening and that's not meshing with your goals, talk to them about it. Create new ways to spend time together in a way that works for both of your lives. Instead of arguing, work to come to an understanding and move forward. If you want, find a way to include them in your new habits, like going for a jog together or meal-prepping as a team on the weekends!

2. It's going to take time

Truly getting your life in order won't come from a single power-hour or afternoon organization session (though those aren't bad ideas). It's going to take time.

Try to avoid getting frustrated or disappointed if things don't feel instantly perfect. Taking control of your life requires patience and ongoing work. It won't be a sudden change or shift that will feel immediately noticeable. Instead, maybe weeks or months down the line, you'll notice a sense of peace. A sense of motivation. A sense that maybe you do have it together, because you spent time putting in the work. And it will be so worth it.

3. You'll need some new goals

Adjusting your life might require you to adjust your habits. The fact that your habits and lifestyle needed adjusting in the first place likely means you weren't aligned with the goals you'd already set. Take a deep breath, and let go of the things holding you back (no matter how good they may feel in the moment).

Take stock of your goals, short term and long term. Are they motivating, or do they feel a little overwhelming? If there's something looming over you that you haven't achieved yet, break it down. Create stepping stones for yourself. Take the big goal and turn it into a few smaller, short-term goals. The momentum you feel from checking those accomplishments off the list will carry you through until the big goal is done!

4. Save your money!

The last thing you need when you're adjusting to a more productive lifestyle is financial stress. If you are able, make it a priority to set aside some money every month in savings specifically for your future. Adding a financial cushion to your life will not only help you in a pinch down the road, it will give you the feeling of preparedness. Having a bit of money in the bank gives you some confidence in your ability to handle whatever life throws at you.

Pro tip: I use Acorns! It rounds up my purchases and invests the spare change, allowing it to grow in a savings account. Get $5 with my link!

5. It's on you

Real, significant change can only come from you. If you want to change your life so you can be better for the future, the responsibility falls on you.

That's not to say accountability can't be a factor in your success. If you need a buddy to check in with every once in a while or some extra form of external accountability, do what you can to make that happen. But at the end of the day, you must be the one doing the work. You must be the one to make the changes in the first place so that person has something to hold you accountable for. You must be the one to take action.

It may seem daunting, but don't give up. Practice your new habits until they. actually become habits. Check in with yourself and your mindset so you can be efficient and productive. Keep your future self in mind, and promise her that you'll do the work. In the end, she'll thank you!

QOTD: What will you do this week to get your life together?

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