5 Ways to Get Noticed by Someone Important

Some argue that today, we're paying more attention than we ever have. We have all the information in the world directly at our fingertips. But with so many headlines and tweets and trends constantly bombarding us, it can be even easier to miss the important things.

That means if you want to stand out, the bar is super, super high.

Maybe you're trying to get the attention of someone in particular and it's just not working out. Luckily, I've learned a thing or two about how to catch the eye of someone who may be important in your life. Maybe they could help you find new opportunities, maybe you're looking for a job from them, or maybe you just want to snag a moment of their time to get some advice.

Let me tell you my tips for getting noticed:


Send better emails

Listen up: Mo' copy, mo' problems.

If you are sending your life story in an email, you should definitely not be! People dread checking their email, and making someone open a multi-paragraph message is a recipe for rejection. Keep your emails short and sweet. I try to read mine out loud, and if I can read the message in under 45 seconds, I know it's good to go.

Focus on the person you want to reach

Don't make it about you! We often go into these strategies with our own goals in mind, and that's not a bad thing. But if the only thing on your agenda is you and what you want, you're going to struggle getting a moment of anyone's time. What can you offer to the person you're trying to reach? Even if it's just bringing them a coffee, think of how you can provide value in order to receive it.

Become an online resource

Maybe you're trying to get the attention of a bunch of people. Become a resource for them! Create a YouTube channel or a blog or an Instagram account where you can provide value to the people that will ultimately lift you up. Creating a community is a fabulous way to get and keep the attention of your crowd.

Do your research

If you're going to an event, check out the guest list (it's normally pretty easy to find!) and see who you may cross paths with. Or maybe there's a speaker at the event you really want to connect with. Do what you can do research ahead of time and plan for the connections you want to make. Getting someone's attention is only half the battle — you've gotta start with a plan!

Find out what matters to them right now

Did the person you're trying to reach just launch a blog? Publish a book? Speak at a big event? Find out what matters to that person right now and see how you can support them. It all circles back to the goal of “how can I help others?”. If you keep their priorities in the forefront of your mind, that person is much more likely to notice you.

Tune in to AmyTV for more tips on how to get the attention of someone important!

Q: What have you done to get the attention of someone important? Leave it in a comment!

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