How to Get Motivated

So you wrote the resolutions. You made the plans. You tried your hardest to stick to your goals in the new year, but we're halfway through January…and that's when things start to fall apart. 😬 Sound familiar?

You have the plan in place, but maybe motivation is the thing that's lacking. And motivation is the thing that moves you, that pushes you forward on the path to your goals — so you're gonna need it.

But there's one tiny problem.

The Biggest Misconception About Motivation

The biggest misconception about motivation is that it must come to you in order to make that next move.

In reality, motivation actually comes once you've made a move.

So if you're searching for motivation, you're going to need two things:

  1. Effort
  2. A personal goal

You can't be personally and properly motivated until you feel the benefit of an action. You'll never get that boost of motivation from scrolling Instagram and comparing your journey to others'. You can feel happy for those people, of course — but what's going to push you to feel happy for yourself?

Don't worry what everyone else is thinking about. Take that baby step, then the next one, then the next. Watch how your motivation grows with each action, no matter how small they seem.

Small Steps Lead to Big Results

Motivation comes in seasons, and that's okay. Lately, I've found myself in a season where motivation feels a little low. Whereas I normally try to maintain a mid-range level to keep myself moving forward, I've had to adjust to a lower level of motivation than I'm used to.

And that's okay.

As long as you keep taking action every day to make the next day a little better, you'll feel the benefits. You'll see that motivation start to come back, to rise back to the level you used to feel. Life comes in seasons, and you have to go with the flow unless you want to be left behind.

When I really start to feel my motivation slipping, I take these simple steps:

  1. Put my phone away for a while
  2. Meditate/yoga/exercise
  3. Get 8+ hours of sleep

These may feel like small parts of a normal routine, but in reality, these are the must-haves that set me up for the best case scenario. It's too easy to let these habits slip when motivation starts to decrease — so they're my go-to's when I need to get my head back in the game.

What Will You Do to Motivate Yourself?

No matter where you stand with your goals — maybe you've made a little progress, maybe you're starting to fall off the wagon, maybe you haven't done anything at all — it's okay.

The more you punish yourself for not being motivated, the less motivated you will be.

You have the be the person that pushes yourself forward. You have to be the one to pick yourself up and guide yourself down the path you're on. When all else fails, you are the only one that can truly motivate yourself.

I believe in the small steps. I believe in the change that can come from believing in yourself and taking action. Now the question is — do you?

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