Get Everything DONE ✔ (When Your To-Do List Never Ends!)

Sometimes it can feel like your to-do list never ends. One thing gets done, and something else manifests in it’s place almost immediately. How can someone be expected to get everything done all the time?

Guess what: you can.

It’s so important to show up for yourself. When you have things that need to happen, tasks to complete, jobs to do, you’ve gotta find a way to level up your game. Tune in to AmyTV for my tips!


  1. Keep a to do list
  2. Ivy Lee Method
  3. Calendar block
  4. Be still
  5. Ask for help
  6. Respect the strikeout
  7. Know when to stop

Do what works for you when it comes to tackling that to-do list. Even if it never ends, you can learn to stay a step ahead of it.

Q: What habits work best for you when it comes to getting things done? Tell me in a comment!

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  1. Kayla Fournier says:

    I find that I struggle with constant “pop-up” ideas of things that I want to do or buy, all with a sense of urgency. Essentially, impulse decisions are my weakness. But I can also recognize that I am a very creative person, I just need to ensure that the items that hit my ultimate to-do list are things that align with my right-now goals to prevent me from getting distracted. The more distracted I allow myself to become, the more that things pile onto my to-do list unnecessarily, and ultimately cause me to become overwhelmed and slow my productivity.

    I recently started my morning pages and “master lists” routine and I have found this to help me differentiate between “right now” and “maybe later” goals. By acknowledging them and writing them down on a list somewhere safe for me to return to later, I can remove most of the urgency and anxiety behind these things and ultimately redirect myself to back to the goals that need to stay in the forefront.

    Another technique I use is to surround myself with the things that are important; using items in my immediate surroundings as symbols/reminders and making them convenient. I bring my journal with me everywhere so that there is no excuse not to write things down, allowing them to be acknowledged and released from my attention. I made my browser homepage (as suggested) because it is a symbol of my commitment to myself and everything I have learned from Amy ‘n’ the gang. But this applies to other areas, like keeping my blender on the counter instead of putting it under in a cabinet to remind me to make my superfood smoothies that align with my current health goals. This concept also allows me to make me more productive decisions on my own accord instead of having to rely on alarms and reminders, which I like to limit the use of for required events.

    Thank you, Amy (and team) for your platform, which has been so vital in my journey of self-discovery thus far. You are serving your mission!

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