How to Say Goodbye to Your Full-Time Job feat. Erika Cruz | Ep. 96

Say goodbye to that job and hello to your full-time freedom! This week, I'm sitting down with Erika Cruz to chat about how she left her full-time job to become her own boss — and how you can do the same!

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(3:27) What to expect from today’s episode with Erika Cruz

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How to Say Goodbye to Your Full-Time Job feat. Erika Cruz

(5:47) Welcome back, Erika!

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(8:02) Leaving a job in 2020

“The pandemic made it possible for me to make this jump…it wasn't until we were forced to be inside that I finally looked inward.”

(10:16) You have to know in your core that this decision is right for you — no matter what people around you will say.

(11:30) How did you remain focus on the full-time job in front of you?

(16:35) Erika's group coaching — did you struggle with launching a program while being committed to a full time job?

“Wherever I work, they deserve the best of me.”

(22:08) When did you realize it was time to leave your job?

(28:44) Challenges to leaving your full time job — what were you sacrificing?

(31:20) Paying it forward with your employers

(32:58) Negotiating with your employer — could they be potential clients?

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