Where to Find Motivation When Yours Runs Out

Here’s the thing.

Going after the life you want is a rollercoaster of stellar seasons, difficult moments, and everything in between. Those who have stuck around know that when passion and motivation run out, you need something else to lean on.

In these moments, some might turn to discipline, to habits, to accountability, and more. But there’s something you can rely on that is both outside of yourself AND still within reach. Here's the kicker: it won’t run out whenever you find yourself craving it.

That seemingly magical thing? It's community.

Here’s the wonderful thing about living in 2021. You can have a range of living, breathing testimonies of people doing the same thing you're doing RIGHT at your fingertips. People who also didn’t want to drag themselves out of bed in the morning, but did it anyway and will encourage you to do the same. Someone who is dealing with the same imposter syndrome you are, and reminds you that you aren’t the only one. A whole network of relationships that will pour into you when your inspiration runs dry. When your head isn’t in the game, someone else’s will be.

There is no greater way to set up yourself for success than surrounding yourself with people who:

a) are already DOING the thing you want to be doing

b) are working TOWARDS the thing you want to be doing.

Now, if the thing you want to be doing is going after the life you want, you’re in luck.

The GATLUW Discord has entered the chat.

This week, my team and I launched a brand new space for all of the GATLUW crew to talk with my team and each other, share ideas, and encourage each other to go after the lives they want.  Plus, I just might be making some appearances as well…

This space is dedicated to giving all of you a place to come together in real time in order to build a network of support we all need. If you’re craving a community of like-minded, ambitious individuals, you know where to find us.

Click here to join the party, we’re happy to have you!

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