What to Do When You’re Feeling Down | Ep. 105

Has winter, quarantine, or just the day-to-day work that you have to do got you feeling down? Tune in for everything you need to know about what to do when you're feeling down!

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(0:00) Welcome to Ep. 105!

(0:37) What to expect from today’s episode

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What to Do When You're Feeling Down

What to Avoid

  • (4:10) Your usual social media scroll

If you aren't in a place mentally where you can be happy for others, avoid the highlight reel that is social media. It will only make you feel worse.

  • (6:14) Your typical binge TV sessions

Watching the same TV show as always will not give you new inspiration or get you out of your funk.

What to Do

  • (8:52) Take a walk

Fresh air is so important, and so is movement.

  • (9:55) Watch something hilarious

Laughter really is the best medicine sometimes. Turn on something that makes you laugh and you'll automatically be one step closer to getting out of your funk.

  • (11:38) Attend a motivational speech (watch a ted talk, go to a motivational speakers youtube channel)

If Tony Robbins can't get you pumped up, nobody can. Fill your mind with what you need to hear right now.

  • (12:35) Exercise

Sometimes you really just need to change your state. Getting your body moving is vital to getting out of a funk.

  • (14:56) Read an inspirational book (book and/or kindle required)

Sometimes you really just need reminded that you can do the hard things. A motivational book will help you to get your mindset in the right place.

  • (16:53) Write it all down

Taking all of the thoughts that are flying around in your mind and putting them on paper is an easy way to vent without having to actually vent out loud to another human.

  • (18:23) Spend time with people you love

Let yourself breathe and enjoy the presence of the people that you love.

  • (20:07) Go for a float

Floatation therapy is something to check out if you are looking to manage pain, relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, or simply relax.

  • (23:35) Something totally different from your norm, be spontaneous

Routine is great for productivity, but it's not always great for getting out of a funk. Try something outside of the box!

Check out this “How to Get Motivated” video for more tips on how to keep yourself motivated today and every day.

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