Erika Cruz — 5 Tips to Stand Out on TikTok | Ep. 75

Erika Cruz is a Bay Area native, a certified Yoga instructor, and a TikTok enthusiast. With thousands of followers and hundreds of thousands of likes, Erika is taking TikTok by storm as her newest creative outlet.

As the proud daughter of Mexican Immigrants, Erika is passionate about connecting women in her community with the tools to kill it both in life and online.

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(0:00) Welcome to Episode 75!

(0:37) What to expect from today’s episode

(1:58) Meet your host | GATLUW House | AmyTV |


Amy's Chat with Erika Cruz

(7:07) Why do you do what you do?

I'm usually the only one who looks like me, and I want to change that.”

(10:18) What drew you to TikTok?

(12:26) Finding yourself as a creator on TikTok

(14:17) Tip #1 — Understand TikTok

(16:49) Measuring attention

(18:52) Tip #2 — Produce quality content

(19:18) The importance of good lighting

(20:53) Use vertical videos

(22:00) Get creative!

(23:44) Take advantage of new features

(24:25) Tip #3 — Keep up with trends

(26:59) Use the right hashtags

(29:17) Tip #4 — Leverage the music

(32:12) Tip #5 — Be consistent!

(33:10) Batch recording

(35:33) Tip recap

(36:29) Engaging with your followers on TikTok

(38:59) What does it mean to you to go after the life you want?

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(40:09) Detail Recap

  • Get your light right on TikTok!
  • A great caption is what sets you apart from the rest.
  • Follow the trends to communicate your ideas.

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QOTD: If you had to pick a TikTok vertical, what would it be?

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