Do This Now If You Need Your First Client | Ep. 158

In this episode, Amy draws on her own experiences and shares amazing tips for entrepreneurs looking to land their very first client.

(1:40) Get Support with Amy Landino's Inner Circle

Amy starts us off by highlighting some of the things she's learned while interacting with the amazing members of Amy Landino's Inner Circle.

(3:07) Don't start with Don't

Amy explains some common mistakes we make when we sell to a client. How do we devalue our offerings when we start with ‘don't'?

(4:40) The pitfalls of perfectionism

Amy dives into the ways perfectionism can stymie our progress and keep us from getting started. Consider whether indecision is a decision itself, even if it might not feel that way.

(5:09) Get clarity on how you typically do things

Amy details the three categories of services and then offers advice on how you can leverage the different types to jumpstart your business. Think about the kinds of offers you're likely to accept yourself and compare them to how you typically do things.

(9:02) A pay-you-to-learn proposal

Amy reminds us that collecting a check is only one of the benefits when it comes to landing your first client. While getting a paycheck is a top priority, consider your path forward and the advantages of experience.


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