Being a ‘Networker’ is Good. Being THIS is Even Better.

Let's talk networking.

I'll take “Classic Business Buzzwords” for $400, Alex.

As much as we love to hate it sometimes, there's nothing inherently wrong with networking. In fact, if you want to be successful at whatever you do—networking is a non-negotiable. It's one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself and your business.

Somewhere along the way, we lost its meaning.

The word has been thrown around so much in so many contexts. The idea of “networking” is tainted by shallow gestures and experiences of people just trying to get themselves ahead in life.

Yeah, not the best look. No wonder the thought of networking scares some people away.

Allow me to propose something to you. Something that, though subtle, will help you shift out of the buzzword and into BEING.

Don't be a ‘networker'. Be a ‘connector'.

At first glance, these words might seem synonymous. Networking, when done well, IS connecting to others (and, connecting those people to each other, too). But it isn't always approached that way.

I challenge you to make a REGULAR practice of connecting two people you know in your own network to each other. Not only does this help others, but this helps your own network immensely as well!

Everyone wants to know the person who introduces like minds generously, freely, and without hesitation. This brings you credibility, makes you valuable, AND helps you stand out from everyone else out there.

NETWORKING can seem like…

  • Meeting as many people as you can—quantity over quality.
  • Meeting people as FAST as you can with no intention of creating a real relationship.
  • Squeezing as much benefit as possible out of those you meet.
  • Merely getting your face and name known by others.

CONNECTING is all about…

  • Establishing valuable relationships for yourself and others.
  • Introducing those you believe have the possibility to mutually benefit each other
  • Bringing people together over shared ambition and ideas.
  • Keeping an eye out for those who have a purpose aligned with yours
  • Offering real value to those you meet, and those you introduce.

Shake off the usual connotation of networking and start CONNECTING instead. You'll notice a difference, and so will those around you.

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