My Ruthless Closet Cleanout Method

Something I've noticed to be helpful when I'm feeling a little scatterbrained is cleaning up my space. I am not my most productive self when my environment is a cluttered mess, and sometimes it takes a Power Hour cleanup sesh to get things back in order.

And let me tell ya, my closet was due for one.

As I'm sure you know, we don't all have unlimited amounts of time to get these things done. Block a Power Hour into your calendar and try out my tips for clearing the clutter ASAP!

Power Hour Organization

Giving yourself the time constraint of one hour motivates that ruthlessness you need to clear the clutter. Get honest with yourself — why are you really keeping the clothes you have? Because they were gifts? Because you wore them somewhere fun? We attach so many memories to clothes, when in reality, the memories are what we're attached to. The dress you wore once to a big event doesn't always need to be taking up space.

Let's break down the method.

Take Everything Out

First, I take everything out of my closet. Getting everything out makes it easier to decide what makes it back in, and what has to go. I put it all in a pile on my floor, and the only things left hanging are the ones I know for a fact I'll be keeping (I use velvet hangers to avoid those annoying hanger-bumps in my clothes).

I hold each item in my hands and really consider the way it makes me feel. If it's something I'm keeping just for the memories and I haven't worn it in months, bye-bye. But you know the pieces in your closet that you return to time and time again. The feeling those pieces give you is what you should be searching for in every item of your wardrobe. If they don't feel like your fav, they're out.

Make Your Piles

Once everything has made it's way out of your closet, start sorting the clothes into piles.

I sort mine according to:

  • Trash — If something is damaged beyond repair (or just straight-up junk) it goes in the garbage (or recycle some fabric for another project if sewing is your forte!)
  • Donate — I love donating clothes. The faster I can get it out of my space, the faster it's going to help someone else. And I get to free up some room in the process!
  • Sell — Sometimes there's things we want to get rid of that are genuinely nice pieces of clothing. Get some value out of it! I sell my clothes on Poshmark, but there are so many places online where you can sell the clothes you've been holding onto.
  • Keep — Set out the things you know you love so you can remember what you actually have!

Start Organizing

Find a system that works for you when it comes to organizing your clothes! For a long time, I stuck to color-coordinating my closet. Now, I hang things up according to what goes together. If I have a top and some pants that I know make a great outfit, I'll put them together to beat that ‘I have nothing to wear' mentality.

Sorting your clothes according to the outfits you like them most in will remind you of the potential of your wardrobe. It's easy to feel like you have nothing to wear when your clothes are staring you down from a clutter pile in the corner. But if you put a little effort into your closet, choosing your next #OOTD will be a breeze every single day!

QOTD: What's your system for keeping your closet organized?

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