Control Your Closet — 5 Ways to Keep Your Wardrobe Organized

Keeping your wardrobe organized can be a little overwhelming, especially if you're a fashion junkie like me. Before you know it, clothes can pile up and picking an outfit in the morning becomes pretty much impossible. It's okay, don't stress — I've found a few tips and tricks to help you keep your closet organized and efficient!

If you need to ditch the clutter and keep your outfits in order, here are 5 simple ways to get started!

5 Tips for an Organized & Efficient Closet

1. Use the right hangers

If you're hanging up the majority of your clothes in your closet, using the right hanger is crucial to keeping everything tidy and neat! I use velvet hangers because they prevent the annoying hanger bumps usually left by plastic hangers. And since they have a little more weight to them and aren't as light as plastic hangers, they don't slip around as easily on the rack. A simple detail, but it keep my outfits from getting bunched up or wrinkled!

Bonus: Can't forget about the folded clothes! In addition to my fav velvet hangers, I use these drawer organizers for smaller folded items. They keep things separated into their own compartments so I can always easily find what I need.

2. Boot inserts are your BFF

If you're a boot lover like me, you know the struggle of tall boots flopping over and getting creased in your wardrobe. I found these inserts on Amazon that adjust to the size of your boot and slide in the top to keep them upright!

Grab some boot inserts and find a space in your closet dedicated to footwear. Instead of the dreaded shoe pile that tends to form at the bottom of wardrobes, pair up your footwear and set them neatly to the side or the back (aka, out of the way). Try to keep your pairs together so you're never hunting down a stray sneaker!

3. Fold bulky clothes/sweaters on a hanger

No one wants hanger bumps in their knitwear, and folding chunky sweaters can take up a lot of space very quickly. I hang my sweaters by folding them in half longways (so the sleeves lay on top of each other) and folding it over the top of a hanger. The bottom half of the sweater goes over one side, and the sleeves fold over the other side (imagine a V shape over the top of the hanger).

Wanna see? Watch the video below (at 8:37).

Fold your bulky clothes and hang them out of the way to keep them looking neat and free up some space in the drawers!

4. Add a trash can

Find a trash can to add to your closet! Having one in the corner is a great way to throw out tags or packaging from new clothes. Or if something is damaged, you can toss it rather than let it take up space in your closet.

You can also add a wardrobe recycle bin if you find yourself donating or reselling clothes often (I sell my clothes on Poshmark to clear out my closet every once in a while). Keep a bin in your closet to toss the things that need taken to the donation bin or posted for sale.

5. Golden rule: One in. One out.

The golden rule of my closet is one in, one out. Example: if you go shopping and buy 2 tops, 2 tops need to go from your closet before you add the new ones. Create a system for yourself to keep your wardrobe from overflowing!

If you find it's difficult to let go of the clothes in your closet, you probably already have some great things in your wardrobe and might not need to go shopping. Bonus tip: a great way to get the most out of the clothes you already own is by hanging your outfits together! If you know a shirt goes great with a certain pair of pants, hang them both beside each other in your wardrobe. This will help you combat that “I have nothing to wear” feeling.

QOTD: How do you keep your closet organized?

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