5 Tips for a Clean & Healthy Home

Your home should be the space you go to relax and unwind. If you've got dishes piled sky-high in the kitchen sink, relaxation proooobably isn't happening for you right now.

We've all gotta learn to keep our homes healthy and happy. Check out what I've learned about keeping my space in order:


1. Follow the “leave the room” rule

This is one of the best tidying tips ever. Why? Because it will ACTUALLY make a difference with the least, yet consistent amount of effort. All ya gotta do is grab something every time you're leaving a room. That's it.

When you see something that's in your office that belongs in the kitchen and you're on your way there, grab it. When you see a piece of mail in the kitchen that belongs in your office so you can deal with it, grab it. The more you do this, the more you find that items are in their right place.

2. Keep your sink clean

You know how it is. You put a dish in the sink. And then another. And then another.

Suddenly, you have a SITUATION on your hands. Our kitchens play a critical role in our daily lives because of how often we need to nourish ourselves. Don't muddy your brain with a full sink. If you spend just a couple of seconds taking care of your dishes now, you won't spend loads of time doing every dish later.

3. Use the right products

These days it's no secret that you can find options for the cleaning items you use that are “clean” themselves. Better for sensitive skin, allergies, you name it. My favorite clean cleaning product that I've found lately is Dropps! They save me so much time doing all the laundry and I know they are better for our skin when it's getting washed into our garments.

4. The Shoe Rule

I think everyone can come up with their own personal preference on this one. Now that I have a new house, I'm much less likely to have my shoes on all the time, but I never was that particular about having shoes in the house before. In fact, I'm still likely to let my friends keep them on.

Regardless, if you want a shoe rule to bring some control to the mess floor situation in your home and keep germs at a minimum, do you. Create a place where shoes go and keep them there.

5. Just do it!

Need to clean up? Just do it. Turn on a podcast, an audiobook, or some music and start a cleaning power hour. Pair the chores with something enjoyable to make sure things get done!

Q: What room in your house needs a power hour? Leave it in a comment, and use these tips to get it done!

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