Crush Your Cabin Fever: 5 Habits to Help You Stay Sane This Winter

The temperature is plummeting. The sun is setting at 4pm. And honestly, the days are feeling a little…drab. Sure, winter can be beautiful, but spending long hours indoors (hi, social distancing) and missing out on much-needed sunshine can take a toll on your motivation — and your mental health.

Cabin fever got ya down? This winter, try these 5 things to keep your spirits bright:

5 Ways to Stay Sane This Winter

1. Give yourself structure

When the days get shorter and it feels like your time is slipping away from you, it's important to give yourself some structure in your schedule. Build routines that will keep you in your groove and help you stay focused on the things you're working towards — no matter how dreary it gets outside!

Giving yourself time for a daily morning routine is crucial for keeping your mindset in check. Wake up to something you want to do, even if it's just brewing up some coffee and reading a book until it's time to officially start the workday. These routines may not seem like much at first, but as you build the habit, you'll begin to notice how at ease your mind feels when you know what to expect from your day.

2. Focus on gratitude

Take time every single day to remember the things you're grateful for. It's easy to get discouraged when you're cooped up inside and missing the sunshine — but no matter the circumstance, there is always something you can be thankful for.

One of the best ways to track your gratitude and turn it into a habit is with a gratitude journal. Make time every day to write down something you're thankful for, no matter how small. You'll have a list to look back on in times of stress, and you'll be creating that gratitude habit for yourself!

3. Give in to comfort

The winter months are the perfect excuse to bust out the fuzzy slippers and curl up with a movie! Remember: It's okay to take a break for yourself when you need one.

We often convince ourselves that we can only be productive by constantly moving forward. While it's important to continuously make moves towards your goals and stay focused on improving, it's also critical that you give yourself time to rest.

Slow down this winter and reflect on comfort. Give yourself space to relax and recognize real rest for your body and mind. Then, get back out there better and stronger than ever!

4. Organize a virtual hangout

If you're feeling those winter blues a little harder than usual this year, organize a virtual hang out with friends to catch up and chat. Sometimes a little facetime with the ones we love is all we need to get re-motivated and remember what matters to us.

Your virtual hang outs can be as casual as you please, or you can add a little structure with Amy's virtual girls night guide! A fun craft, some drinks, and a card game are the perfect trifecta for a successful girls night.

5. Keep a ‘could-do' list

Find yourself with some extra time on your hands? Keep a could-do list for yourself. You've heard of the good ol' to-do list…but what about the things that don't need urgently taken care of?

We all have lists that live in the back of our minds of things we meant to get to. Things we'd like to get to. Things we could do if we only had the time. But when that time does come around, how often do you take the initiative to do those things? When they're kept in a list that you can refer back to, they're much more likely to happen if you have some downtime.

Q: How do you beat cabin fever?

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