What to Read If…YOU’RE BROKE

Feeling kinda…broke? 😬

We've all been there. And the first step to financial wellness is educating yourself on how to make a change. These are some books that have totally changed the game for me and my personal finance habits!

My Top 4 Must-Read Finance Books

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book highlights the separation between the rich and the poor. It feels like a bad thing, but some people have money and some people don't. Some have a little, some have a lot. What this book does is explores why that's the case. It explores where that separation comes from, and what you can do to boost your financial wellness and close the gap.

This is a must-read if you want to learn more about abundance mindsets vs. scarcity mindsets, especially if you were raised by people that thought about money in a specific way.

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2. You are a Badass at Making Money

This book has done so much to help me with the practice of visualization. SImilar to how Rich Dad Poor Dad explores abundance vs. scarcity, You Are a Badass at Making Money got me thinking about how I can start speaking to myself with an abundance mindset and chasing more for myself in my financial goals.

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3. Think and Grow Rich

This book is one of the classics. The key thing to Think and Grow Rich is it allows you to read through real stories of real people who have found success so you can see what they did to make it. It gives you the actionable pieces of advice those people used to reach their goals so you can do the same in your own life. If you think of any famous, successful person out there who manages their money well, there's a strong chance they've been impacted by this book!

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4. Profit First

This isn't ‘make sure your spreadsheets are updated' advice. This is real advice that you can use as a business owner or just as a person managing their personal finances. Profit First focuses on making sure you get paid first for the work you've done. Not the bills and expenses (though those will get taken care of too!).

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QOTD: What book changed the game for you and your finances?

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