On Your Relationship with The Box…

How's your relationship with the box?

You know. The box that you've been trying to conform to that's never really been a great fit?

I've worked my whole life to try to get friendly with that box. To feel acceptance and love from others who needed me to just get in there to earn my worthiness.

And then I gave up. It didn't work. I was tired. So I ignored the box.

That's when things got interesting…

While wandering away, I found something that—even if I couldn't be meaningfully loved by others—made me feel very happy and in my element.

That discovery was like the ruby slippers I had with me all along to get to my long-awaited goal.

I wasn't supposed to find a way to fit into a box.

I had to find myself.

Funny thing when you find your own way. People LOVE it. They admire you for it. They get on board.

You suddenly FIT.

You think you've got it figured out and you can be truly, unapologetically you.

Then… they still want you to get in the box.

Sure, it's a much more glamorous, stable, diamond-encrusted package of a box now. Because look at all you can do!

But, everyone would be much more comfortable if you just got in the box, please.

This battle is never-ending.

There will always be some box they want you to get in.

Your ability to recognize and resist an ill-fitting box is simply a muscle that needs to be flexed.


That muscle is the practice of you knowing yourself well enough to stay true and not apologize for it.

Because even the finest, most decorated box prepared specially for you is still… just a box.

Fuck the box 📦🖕🏻

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