Secrets of a Super Productive Boss Lady

Ready to really get things done?

Every Boss Lady has her secrets, and today I'm sharing my secrets to unlocking your productivity! These are 5 habits I can't live without when it comes to taking care of business and reaching my goals.

5 Boss Lady Secrets to a Productive Lifestyle

1. Weekday phone settings

When I'm supposed to be working during the weekdays, I can't get distracted by every little message or notification. That's why I started implementing weekday settings for my phone!

During the work day I turn on ‘Do Not Disturb' or airplane mode to mute all messages and pings that might break my focus and distract me. It's way too easy for a quick text reply to turn into an endless IG scroll, so the safest bet is keeping the phone muted and away from your workspace.

Then when you're finished for the day, you can turn the settings off and proceed as usual! (Or leave them on for a little extra peace and quiet 👀)

2. Calendar blocking & Time cubes

Time management is a crucial skill for every productive Boss Lady. I practice calendar blocking, where I take all my tasks and to-do's for the week and schedule them in my calendar as blocks of time.

Calendar blocking keeps me focused because I know exactly what I'll be working on and for how long at any given time. No matter what goes on around me, I can rely on the fact that I made a plan and can do my best to stick with it.

I also use timer cubes — you can choose how long (5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.) you'd like to focus on a project, set your timer, and know that the 10 minutes you just set aside are dedicated to your work. That timer is gonna go off and you're not gonna miss it (trust me), so you can put all your energy into working rather than checking the clock.

3. Focus playlists

When I'm working, I find that I'm most productive with some lyric-less, unfamiliar music in the background. Spotify has so many great focus playlists that you can pop on in the background of your next project.

We made a list of our GATLUW favs here — check them out!

4. Time batching

Time batching is the practice of doing similar tasks at the same time or on the same day. For example, if I have a lot of video meetings spread out through the week, I might try to move them all to one day so I can get camera-ready and take advantage of a full makeup day.

If you have tasks on your list that have things in common, see if you can batch them together and finish them when you're in the most productive mode. Knock out all your phone calls when you're in the phone call mindset. Run all your errands on the same day and get them out of the way. Get efficient with your schedule so you can be productive with your time!

5. Morning routine

My ultimate productivity must-have is my morning routine. If I can't start the day on my terms, how can I live a productive, happy life? Every morning I take time to do what I want to do — usually drink lemon water, make some coffee, do some skincare, and write morning pages.

These things help me to get into a productive mindset because I know that my needs have been met first and foremost. However, every morning routine looks different. Make time for yourself every morning and do the things that make you feel ready to take on the day!

QOTD: Which tip will you try tomorrow to have a better morning?

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