Boss Branding on Social Media feat. Kari Boetcher & Sue B. Zimmerman | Ep. 114

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy joins her sister Kari and Instagram expert Sue B. to share their tips on branding. Be prepared to take notes to boost yourself or your business in the social media world!

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(2:57) Karis Personal Narrative

Kari starts off the call with sharing her venture of being a mom and how she started her business with her husband so that they could also take care of their children while running a business.

(7:13) Business Influencing Personal Brand

Amy and Kari chat about how your business can help influence your personal brand and image. Kari also shares how you have don't have to be teaching people a lesson from your brand but can give people a sense of community from your videos and posts.

(10:38) TikTok and Instagram

TikTok; seems like a daunting platform, especially for millennial's am I right?! Kari breaks down how this booming social platform shows you every side of life. It's raw, it has something for everyone, and can help you gain attention to boost your business and personal brand no matter how many followers you have.

Sue also jumps in and shares how Instagram can feel very scripted or people showing the best sides of yourself, but really showing your authentic self is what is going to attract people to you.

(22:40) “Is it better to do stories or posts on IG to get traction?”

Amy explains how it is important to do both on Instagram. Posts should be used to tell your personal narrative and have the viewer feel a personal connection to you whereas stories can be used to share information or point people in directions. Sue backs this up in sharing that telling people pieces of your personal life through posts can create an intimate relationship with your followers. Kari adds an additional viewpoint by sharing that she uses her stories to share in-the-moment and behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of what her day really looks like.

To wrap it all with a bow- Amy explains that followers really want to know that they are watching someone they can trust. A lot of people are talking, but people want to see you actually putting in the work.

(31:54) What to do if you feel scattered on social media

It's easy to get bogged down by everything you can consume online these days. Sue shares that especially in today's social environment that it is extremely possible to have information overload. It's okay to step back from learning about social strategies so that you don't derail your productivity. Amy and Kari explain to write down the information you learn, pick some important pieces and start small with implementing these pieces into your social media strategy.

(38:45) How to not confuse your audience when you run multiple businesses

Your first four IG bio lines MATTER. Adding more past that can often confuse the reader. Use what you are sharing in your Instagram to work together to make your message clear to your audience. Within your bio, explain how you have the credibility to serve your community and how it will benefit them and change their lives for the better. Now try that in under 150 characters!

(50:40) How educators can benefit from social media (applicable to all fields)

No matter what you are selling, be generous with your free content. If most of your content is paid content you are really limiting the reach you can have. Let people in to what you are really good at and you will start to build trust in your following. Social media is also a place to find your target market and figure out how you can market your product(s) towards them.

(1:01:08) How much should you explain your business online?

Even though you don't want to over explain, you also don't want your audience to describe your business for you. Don't assume that people know the thoughts you have about your business in your head. As Sue mentions, you have 3-6 seconds to grab someones attention when they click on your IG profile, so make sure your message is coming across crystal clear. Be concise with your thoughts and make it compelling enough to capture your audience's attention. Found out what's working for you and be okay with changing what's not.

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