Create Your Personal Board of Directors | Ep. 101

Ready to find your squad? This is everything you need to know about building an effective Personal Board of Directors!

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(0:00) Welcome to Ep. 101!

(0:41) What to expect from today’s episode

(1:11) Meet your host | AmyTV |

What is a Personal Board of Directors? (4:39)

A board of directors is a group of goal-oriented professionals who work together to guide the mission and processes of a company or organization.

A personal board of directors do the same thing except their goal is to help you achieve your ideal level of success. They offer advice, a different, and can be a sounding board for the business of YOU.

Who qualifies for your Personal Board of Directors? (6:40)


  • Close Relatives

Sometimes you need a perspective that is bigger than you can imagine. The people on your board can’t offer that if they are in the business of minimizing risk for you… like a parent or a significant other.

  • People whose vested interest is that you keep the status quo

Your boss. Maybe even an existing business partner who may not be your long-term. These people, even if they are rooting for you, only really want you to think big for whatever you’re doing for them.

  • Anyone who limits you

You need to be able to have a conversation with your personal board of directors that is limitless.

What do you want in a Personal Board of Directors? (10:57)

A personal board of directors doesn’t do the work for you; they offer support and guidance along the way, either with positive encouragement, networking connections, analytical perspectives or differing ideas.

Start making a list of how you would hope this group would support you. Is it motivation? Accountability? Connections?

What positions will sit on your Personal Board of Directors? (12:20)

This is completely up to you, but don’t feel like it needs to be extensive at first. You should be very particular with who you trust to sit on your board.

A basic positions could be setup like:

  • Your Positive Position

Someone who doesn’t necessarily say YES to everything, but will always be there for an optimistic outlook. A cheerleader

  • Your Perpendicular Position

Someone who thinks a bit differently than you. You may intersect, but you got there a different way.

  • Your Parallel Position

Someone in your field, maybe a bit further along.

  • Your Prospective Position

Someone who has been in your circumstance before and has overcome it or navigated it to a desirable result

  • Your Pioneer Position

Someone who is a leader in the area in which you aspire to succeed

  • Your Plug-In Position

Someone who is a connector and can help introduce you to people that you can support and who can support you.


How do you ask someone to join your Personal Board of Directors? (18:46)


Appoint them and treat them very well. Support them as much as you hope they’ll support you.

Remember: Not every position needs to be someone you speak with directly. Digital Board of Director Members might be just as effective for you depending on how they share their insights.

I may be on your PBOD. Maybe as the Pioneer Position. Or the Positive Position. You don’t necessarily needs my phone number to get the best advice from me.

WHY is having a Board so important? (22:48)

I tweeted: It can feel like everyone is meant to derail you from your vision. But this is only your perception. Do not confuse losing with excuses.

We need to remember that we cannot control the ideas and negativity that is around us sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t counter balance it.

If you want to truly believe that you have the ability to succeed, then you need to prove it by finding the energy that will help elevate you and bring it around you.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

How do you know someone is a right fit? (23:37)

Your Board may cycle around.

It’s okay to give someone a probationary period to see how they do with showing up for you. Especially since their position is really just something you’re keeping in mind as you consult with them rather than a formal position.

Do not be afraid to keep seeking the absolute best fit.

Have fun with it! (24:41)

I have all kinds of additional roles on my personal board of directors:

  • The Real Housewives Position
  • The Healthy Cooking Position
  • The Luxury Fashion Position

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