Hey, you! I’m so glad you’re here. Seriously, I mean that. I’m glad that you’re here, right now, in whatever stage you’re at in your career. Wherever you’ve arrived at–you’re here. And I’m proud of you.  Why? Because I’ve been there. I’ve been at my LOW [GATLUW Vocab #1: a time where you feel stuck, […]

Boost Your Career–No Matter Where You Are Right Now.

Life gets infinitely better when you find the thing that keeps you happy, empowered, and emotionally well all at once. It can be anything really, but for me it’s journaling. I’ve been doing it since my senior year of high school, and I’ve filled over 10 journals since. When people ask how I have the […]

3 Bite-Sized Journaling Habits I Can’t Live Without

Let me be the one to break it to you, in case someone hasn’t already. “Value” ISN’T what you think it is. Bear with me. Too often we set out with an idea of WHAT we want to sell, HOW we’re going to create it, and WHY it’s going to bring success. We have visions […]

The TRUE Definition of ‘Value’ Isn’t What You Think

Here’s the thing. Going after the life you want is a rollercoaster of stellar seasons, difficult moments, and everything in between. Those who have stuck around know that when passion and motivation run out, you need something else to lean on. In these moments, some might turn to discipline, to habits, to accountability, and more. […]

Where to Find Motivation When Yours Runs Out

When we talk about legacy, our minds often jump straight to the elaborate, big-picture things. If something is worthy of being a legacy it must be impressive and impactful, right? Not necessarily. Impactful, yes. But a legacy doesn’t have to fit the grand box we’ve constructed for it. In fact, some might argue that small, consistent […]

If Legacy is a Daily Pursuit, What Will Yours Be?

Alright, show of hands. Who could use just a little more peace in their life? Anyone? Oh, everyone? Yep, that’s what I thought. I’m right there with you. Here’s a big shocker for you: we live in a time of noise. Internal noise. External noise. Certainly not all of it is bad, it’s just…LOUD. How do […]

Don’t Wait for Peace to Show Up. Be the Peace Instead.

When you make the switch from living life at the whims of circumstance to intentionally going after the life you want, things will change. Lots of things.  The way you spend your time–different.  The headspace you settle into each day–shifted.  The way you interact with those around you–enhanced.  With all these changes, there WILL come […]

Let ‘Boundaries’ Be MORE Than a Buzzword

It’s hard not to get caught up in the insta-worthy, motivational language of goal-setting, productivity, and ambition. Our brains are hardwired to respond with excitement and enthusiasm to inspiration. Sometimes it just feels GOOD. Other times, we aren’t feelin’ it. We don’t want to be positive. Or we’re in a situation that makes it REALLY […]

Using Neutral Thinking to Rescue Your Mindset

When we imagine moving up in our careers, it’s typical to think of the BIG moments.  Quitting your full-time job to pursue your passion. Leading an initiative to reform company culture. Hiring the first member of your dream team. These moments are stellar, and they WILL come if you work towards them. In the meantime, […]

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

Mindset is EV-ERY-THING. You and I both know this to be true. We own it. We try to live by it. Why? Because we know it is one of the most powerful impacts on our health, both physically and emotionally. Not on board yet? Get ready for me to blow your mind.  On average each […]

You Are What You Think. And Your Health Depends On It.

Over here, we are ALL about living our lives with action and ambition. Hear this loud and clear: there is nothing bad about wanting to accomplish your goals and use your time wisely. However, along with that desire often comes some form of the classic statement:  “I want to be more productive.” Have you ever […]

8 Things That Are BETTER to Be Than “Productive”

There is no greater obstacle in life than the inability to make a decision. Truly. We are chased down by decisions all day, every day. Some are easier than others, but even the ones that seem insignificant add up. At times, the magnitude of our decisions–even the little ones–can begin to weigh us down. Do […]

Escaping the Trap of Indecision