This is my favorite time of year when it comes to weather. There is just nothing like a smooth transition to boots and sweaters after exhausting all your summer frocks. It’s a literal, wonderful, warm hug that I look forward to every year. Before we dive into gift-giving and holiday cheer (hold the eyeroll please… […]

6 Cozy Fall Items You Need to Get Your Hands On This Season

For this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy gets real about all the ways you can stop wasting time. From scheduling to mindset shifts, there’s a whole lot of time-management goodness in this episode! (2:30) Tip #1: Reframe what you HAVE to do Amy reminds us that gratitude DOES have a place in your to do […]

How to Stop Wasting Time | Ep. 128

For this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy digs into the details about choosing happiness. How do YOU define happiness? Once you identify that, Amy shares how you can actively choose happiness each day! (2:09) Let’s chat happiness. Before diving in, Amy emphasizes that everything she shares is part of her own journey. When she learns […]

How to Choose Happy (No Matter What’s Holding You Back) | Ep. 127

Our lives are FULL of temptations to waste time. Everywhere we look, there’s an opportunity to get distracted from the life we want and fall into some kind of time suck. These pesky impulses won’t ever fully go away. You might even willingly engage in these from time to time by choice, and that’s okay […]

4 Time-Sucking Habits to Quit TODAY

For this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy flips the script and taking seat as the interviewee! One of her previous Detail Therapy guests, Brett Kaufman, interviews her on her childhood, discovering her purpose, and more! Introducing Brett Kaufman! Brett is a speaker, writer, coach, and advisor to founders and startups. He’s dedicated to doing the […]

How Amy Found Her Zone of Genius feat. Brett Kaufman | Ep. 126

For this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy dives into the skill that will consistently get you closer to success if you have the discipline to practice it daily. (3:19) Motivational book recco! Amy recalls Tony Robbins’ book “Awaken the Giant Within”, how it can give you the motivational kick in the butt you need, and […]

Practice This Skill & You’ll Make Anything Happen | Ep. 125

Living an intentional life means that you have to take inventory of your actions—frequently. Where is your time going? Is it being spent well? Where could you take back some space on your calendar? Before you start to try to make time for something new, take stock of what needs to GO. No matter who […]

8 Things I Don’t Make Time For (And Never Will)

We all could use a little more peace and quiet, especially in this day and age. We’ve got constant noise around us, emails and notifications begging for our attention, and an ENDLESS opportunity to scroll right at our fingertips. We. Need. Stillness. Of course, we have to make the time for it. It might sound […]

4 Real-Life Ways to Seek Stillness Each Day

So much of being in Self-Improvement Land is seeking out the motivating voices that tell you what is important. You trust the example of the major players in the industry, so you follow their lead. You wake up early, drink water, practice your healthy habits, and get your body moving because you know it’ll help […]

How to Find the Healthy Habits that REALLY Work for You

Labels tend to get a bad rap because, well, most of the time they aren’t all that positive. Our brains like labels because they help us process information quickly. They help us identify who we are in relation to our work, our personalities, and the people we hold close to us. There is one label […]

Don’t Let These 2 Words Keep You From Going After the Life U Want

For this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy talks “busy-ness”, why it’s easy to fall into, and how to prevent that vicious cycle from consuming your life. (2:39) When you are busy with everything, you master nothing. Amy reflects on the truth behind “busy-ness”, while acknowledging why it’s so hard NOT to be busy. Staying in […]

How to Stop Being TOO BUSY | Ep. 124

Remember being a child, when all you needed to create an entire imaginative world was some sticks, mud, and a leaf? Yeah, those were the good days, because we looked at the simple things we had in hand and made use of them without question. We didn’t pay mind to the fact that we didn’t […]

The Surprising Creative Tool Everyone Needs to Be Using