In this episode, Michelle Tillis Lederman joins Amy for an episode of Career Corner driven by your questions! They discuss being a generalist or a specialist, how to pivot in your career, and more! Michelle Tillis Lederman is a connection creator, speaker, coach, author, and CEO who inspires organizations and individuals to build real relationships. A […]

Generalist or Specialist? Which Should You Strive to Be? feat. Michelle Tillis Lederman | Ep. 169

In this episode, serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker joins Amy to chat about everything from avoiding entrepreneurial burnout to managing your priorities (and precious time!) as a business owner. Sneak Peek: Are you ready to end 2022 in profit and elevate your business in 2023? Save your FREE seat for the 3-day Elevated Entrepreneur Experience: […]

How to End 2022 & Kick Off 2023 IN PROFIT! feat. Chris Ducker | Ep. 168

In this episode, Amy breaks down the Zone of Genius! What is it? How can it transform the way you work? And most of all: How can you discover your Zone of Genius? (1:45) Book Reco: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks Amy introduces the idea of the “Zone of Genius” by referencing this book […]

Never Work a Day in Your Life | Ep. 167

In this episode, Amy unpacks how technology infiltrates our day-to-day lives and offers strategies to eliminate pesky distractions. (2:31) Category #1: Never Need It Amy breaks notifications down into three categories, starting with a “Never Need It” basis. These are the things like shopping sale notifications, gaming apps, and even social media apps. The more […]

Which Notifications (Actually) Matter! | Ep. 164

In this episode, Amy gives unbeatable advice on how to let go of what’s holding you back so you can start going after the life you want right now! (2:37) Overcoming the fear of starting Amy starts by framing this conversation about a fear of starting around the idea of self-awareness. Why was it so […]

Start Anything Now: Here’s How! | Ep. 163

In this episode, Amy shares amazing tips and tricks for taking useful notes that spur you into action! Grab your FREE Download to start taking insanely useful notes today! (1:42) Book Reco: How to Take Smart Notes Amy kicks off this convo with a book recommendation, How to Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens and […]

The Rule for (Useful!) Notetaking | Ep. 162

In this episode, Media Maven Christina Nicholson sits down with Amy to talk about how to get publicity (& lots of it!) for your business starting right now. Christina started her PR agency, Media Maven, after working as a TV anchor and reporter for more than 10 years with an infant and toddler at home. […]

Get Press Attention Now! (Yes…Even You!) Ft. Christina Nicholson | Ep. 166

In this episode, Michelle Tillis-Lederman joins Amy to talk about the changing workplace and how to navigate productivity paranoia and quiet quitting. Michelle Tillis Lederman is a connection creator, speaker, coach, author, and CEO who inspires organizations and individuals to build real relationships. A multi-bestselling author, Michelle’s latest book is called The Connectors Advantage: 7 Mindsets […]

Productivity Paranoia & Quiet Quitting: Is This the New Workplace? Ft. Michelle Tillis-Lederman | Ep. 165

In this episode, Amy pulls back the curtain on one of the best, earliest business decisions she made and how it changed her company for the better. Check out our Fake Assistant Cheat Sheet! (1:40) Everyone starts somewhere Amy starts us off with an anecdote about her early days in the business. When resources are […]

The Fake Assistant Method | Ep. 161

In this episode, Amy shares 5 red flags to look out for when someone is full of it! (2:00) Who’s the ‘Bar’? Amy starts us off by discussing the culture of comparison we currently live in. (2:25) Doing what, when? Amy dives into her first tip and it’s all about consistency. When does consistent posting […]

5 Red Flags of Someone Who’s Full of It | Ep. 160

Is productivity dead? Join Amy as she dives into her unique perspective on productivity in 2022. (1:52) The good, the bad, and the productive Amy introduces the way our society’s relationship with productivity has changed over the years. How have the last two years changed your mindset around productivity? (2:30) Finding the balance in striking […]

Productivity is DEAD. I’m Doing This Instead! | EP. 159

In this episode, Amy draws on her own experiences and shares amazing tips for entrepreneurs looking to land their very first client. (1:40) Get Support with Amy Landino’s Inner Circle Amy starts us off by highlighting some of the things she’s learned while interacting with the amazing members of Amy Landino’s Inner Circle. (3:07) Don’t […]

Do This Now If You Need Your First Client | Ep. 158