There aren’t many guarantees in life, but this is one of them. There WILL come a time where there’s just TOO much to do. You’re frazzled, you past ‘overwhelmed’ hours ago, and the idea of starting feels pointless because the black hole of “to do’s” is never-ending. You’re paralyzed in the thought of “How in […]

6 Simple Actions to Break the Spell of Overwhelm

Legacy. It’s a loaded word. In some ways, it’s a joyful notion to consider. In other ways, it’s really difficult to wrap our minds around. What is it, anyway? A central component of an intentional life is discerning WHAT legacy means to you and HOW you will pursue it. Whew. Where to begin? I’ve got […]

Begin Unlocking Your Legacy With These 3 Questions

Let’s talk networking. I’ll take “Classic Business Buzzwords” for $400, Alex. As much as we love to hate it sometimes, there’s nothing inherently wrong with networking. In fact, if you want to be successful at whatever you do—networking is a non-negotiable. It’s one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself and your […]

Being a ‘Networker’ is Good. Being THIS is Even Better.

I’ve been there. I’m willing to bet you have, too. There’s not a name for it, but it’s a universal experience. Depending on your outlook, it can be frustrating or it can be energizing. I’m talking about a lull in your life. An off-season. A time where it feels like NOTHING is happening. No big […]

Don’t Waste the Waiting–What to Do When Life Slows Down.

Hi, my name is Amy and I’m a sucker for a morning routine. If you know me, you know this. (Pssst…I even wrote a whole book about it, so you know I mean business.) Let’s get this out of the way right now. Some of the biggest misconceptions about morning routines are that they must […]

A Morning Routine Anyone Can Do (Even the NOT Morning Person!)

Who are you REALLY competing with? (I’ll give you a hint. It’s you, boo.) Let me paint the picture for you. You have this really incredible [INSERT idea, product, or service], and you know it’s superior to the competition out there. That’s great! But what now? It’s not enough to have the best thing in […]

You Want Your Business to Stand Out…But Have You Tried This?

When we allow ourselves a moment to dream big, we can always count on our not-so-good friend ‘scarcity’ to give our mindset a little nudge (or, full-on bodyslam) into self-doubt. No matter how successful or experienced you might be–the doubtful thoughts shows up. No judgment here. We simply must work to unravel the voice that […]

Shut Down Scarcity–3 Excuses That Stifle Your Success.

In our world, talent is paraded around on a pedestal. It’s true, we love a shiny success story. But all the hype about innate ability and instant success can really do a number on our confidence. It all culminates in a lovely subconscious lie we begin to believe. It goes a little something like this: […]

What No One Tells You About Talent

When you’re just starting out in the business world, things can be a liiiittle crazy. [Read: Things will be more than a little crazy. Hang in there. I’m rooting for you!] There’s what seems to be like a million different apps, websites, and resources all claiming to be the best of the best. Some are […]

7 Must-Have Digital Tools for the Efficient Entrepreneur

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy embraces change and encourages you to do the same. If what you’ve been doing in the past isn’t working for you anymore, let those expectations go and ask this question instead. (0:26) Welcome back, and thank you! Amy is back from vacay and ready to dive back into […]

Ask Yourself This Question If It’s Time to Change | Ep. 122

Let’s talk about something frustrating, shall we? I’ll go first, and heads up–it’s a good one. Here goes. The feeling when you’re all hyped up to commit to a goal, but you continually fail at following through when it counts.  Your heart is in it, but when the time comes to act you fall flat. […]

This Sentence Changed How I Approach Self-Improvement

Ah, the side hustle. Our culture loves to romanticize it, but you and I both know the grind is real. You know what I’m talking about. It goes something like this: waking up before the sun to get in a few hours of work that excites you before going to your 9-to-5 job for the […]

Forget the ‘Side Hustle’. Do This Instead.