6 Ways to Better Your Business Mindset

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We’ve encountered more changes, challenges, and uncertainties than ever before — especially if you’re a business owner. When things are changing quickly, it’s critical that you stay two steps ahead of the game and keep yourself prepared for anything. 

But what does it mean to operate in the unknown? And what does it tell us about what’s next for us?

In reality, uncertainty is the story we tell ourselves to explain why things aren’t really going our way. It’s the excuse we lean on when we don’t know the next move to make. Regardless of how the world around us changes,  as a business owner you must take steps that will prepare you for the future — no matter what comes your way.

There are always things you can do to move forward productively and go after the life you want. 

1. Run Your Biz in One Place 

If you’re unsure of how to plan for your future during the unexpected moments, you need a partner that can help provide the agility necessary to build and run a successful business. NetSuite provides you with a suite (makes sense, right?) to run your biz all in one place, keeping things simple and stress-free for you.

Many businesses today run multiple apps to help them with core tasks like HR, financials, and inventory. With NetSuite, you can keep all those to-do’s in one place so you always know everything is taken care of. Bonus: having it all in one place cuts down on the cost you might encounter when using multiple platforms! 

NetSuite is 100% in the cloud, and was actually the first cloud company out there. Operating in the cloud means more scalability and flexibility for you. Since most people are working from home right now, having all your information at your fingertips 24/7 is important.

NetSuite allows businesses of all sizes to boost productivity and efficiency by automating their processes. They also provide you with real-time insights into your operational and financial performance. Take advantage of their suite of applications that includes ERP, financials, commerce, inventory management, HR, supply chain, CRM and more so you can always be reaching those goals and taking care of business. 

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2. Change Your Expectations to Intentions

It can feel impossible to live up to your own expectations when life around you seems consistently unknown. Expectations can be a sneaky little thing in your biz and in your life that make it sound like you’re a leader who knows what they want, but they can actually set you up for disappointment if your mindset isn’t in the right place. 

Stop focusing your energy on controlling the uncontrollable. If your expectations are not being met, take some time to reassess and instead, set intentions for yourself. The reality of the situation is that things are always changing. Sure, it may feel more obvious some days than others. But you never know what’s going to happen. Instead of forcing yourself to work around rigid expectations, be intentional about the actions you can take to make progress. Action is always the thing that will move the needle for you, so shift your perspective and focus on what you can do to change things. 

3. Question Comfort

This doesn’t mean you should constantly be living on the edge and worrying about what comes next. But getting comfortable when things are going well is a prime example of how expectations can warp your mindset, keeping you from staying prepared for anything. 

Recognize the state of being comfortable as resisting change. Change is inevitable, and no matter how comfortable you get, there will always be something on the horizon to shake things up a bit. While comfort is easy, you are always better served looking ahead, staying on top of your game, and making moves to stay productive no matter how easy or challenging your circumstances are.

4. Lose the Labels

When you are open to change and actually start to lean into it, you’ve gotta first lose the labels. Labeling your experiences as ‘good times’ or ‘bad times’ allows you to lean on that label and avoid the work you must put in to change things. 

Something can only be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ when you say it is. You are the one who determines how you view your circumstances. Instead of putting a label on them, view change as the inevitable experience that will push you towards progress. 

If you really want to prepare during uncertainty, stop searching for certainty in your feelings. Instead, rely on the certainty of your actions. 

5. Avoid Herd Mentality

When you’re working towards a better moment for yourself, don’t allow your motivation to be impacted by the people around you. If you find yourself surrounded by people that encourage a negative mindset or practice self-sabotaging behavior, you’ve got to find a way out of that situation. While others are wallowing, you can be the one to break that cycle and seek out the tools to move yourself forward. 

Seneca said that “A man who suffers before it is necessary suffers more than necessary.” Don’t allow yourself to suffer more than is needed. Focus your energy on progress and be intentional about creating a positive mindset. 

6. Write Down What You Know For Sure

Take the time to write down what you know for sure. That’s it. Take out a pen and some paper and write something you 100% know you can do. 

When we write, it’s a powerful thing. We can take the hypothetical and put it into real life. Use that power to recognize the certainty you can find in your actions.

If you’re losing track of what matters in the midst of all the worry and stress around you, it’s important to know what you can do and what you will do. Keep track of it on paper for yourself so you can return to it later, know it to be true, and acknowledge the progress you make over time. At the very least, you will allow your mind to punctuate those worries and concerns so you can move on to something more productive. 

QOTD: What will you do today to prepare yourself for uncertain times?

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