Little Ways to Make 2020 a Little Better

2020 has been a bit of a rollercoaster for all of us, but this year is not cancelled! We just need to find the way to make the most of it.

Little habits can make a huge difference, and prioritizing your mindset and your happiness in your day to day life can really turn your year around. If 2020 has you down, try these 5 little ways to make this year a little better!

5 Little Ways to Make Your Year a Little Better

1. Stop and smell the roses

Aromatherapy can have a massive impact on your mindset! If roses aren't your thing, stop and smell whatever aroma makes you smile. My fav is the scent of coconut — I even have it written in my happiness journal! Whenever I'm feeling down, I just light a coconut candle or grab my essential oils and my mood is instantly lifted. I use that moment to be mindful of my gratitude and reflect on more positive things, no matter how small they might be.

Invest in an essential oil diffuser or some candles that make you happy. Aromatherapy isn't just great for your mood, it also levels up your space! Make the room you spend most of your time in smell cozy and inviting so you can live your most productive life.

2. Level up your eating habits

Comfort food is a very real concept. There are certain snacks (specifically: chocolate, popcorn, and a yummy bowl of cereal) that just take me back to my childhood and remind of the times when things were much more simple. But constant snacking on less than nutritious foods isn't the most helpful habit for your health or your future, no matter how fun it may seem in the moment!

Level up your eating habits by keeping your fav foods in the mix, but finding a healthier alternative. Instead of the usual chocolate or candy, I keep smaller pieces of dark chocolate in the cupboard. I've found healthier brands of popcorn without all the salt and grease, and I've been obsessed with Magic Spoon cereal in place of the sugary sweet cereal I grew up on. (Psst: Magic Spoon is a healthy and delicious cereal to add to your morning routine: click my link to get free shipping on your order!) Switch out the sugar for something a little more beneficial to your health so you can be kind to your body and your mind this year.

3. Ring your own bell

One of the most overlooked ways of bettering your mental health is celebrating your wins, no matter how small!

click to grab your own! 🛎

Do you need permission to ring your own bell? I am officially giving it to you. I even got my own real life bell!

Celebrate your wins — not just for yourself, but to teach the people around you to celebrate their wins, too. If you get your own bell, start ringing it when something good happens to you or around you! Give it a ring as the family joins for dinner if you have something exciting to talk about at the table. Make it a signal in your home that it's time to celebrate and be thankful so you can be mindful of the good things as they happen.

4. Take an unplugged walk

I've found that taking a walk around the neighborhood and getting my blood pumping is a great way to release stress and change my mindset. My husband and I have started taking long, phone-free walks in the evenings and I always find myself feeling so much better when we're done. I leave my phone at home and we can chat, talk through a problem, or just enjoy each other's company.

Make a habit out of walking outside and taking some time away from the screen. The constant scroll can wear on your mindset more than you might realize, and we all need to step away once in a while. get some fresh air and be mindful of how you feel in that time so you can refresh and return with a clear head!

5. Take one baby step towards a goal

Turn your 2020 around by taking one baby step towards a goal ASAP. Write one sentence of a blog post you've been brainstorming. Read one sentence of a book you've wanted to start. Do something, no matter how small, that will move you just a bit closer to success.

2020 may feel like a huge challenge, but there is always something you can do to take on the goals you've set for yourself. No matter what is going on in the world around you, do what you can to go after the life you want and make the most of your time!

QOTD: What will you do this week to make 2020 a little bit better?

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