Beat Imposter Syndrome in Your Career

Beat the imposter syndrome of becoming better! When you start to advance in your career, it's easy to feel a bit of imposter syndrome creeping in as you wonder if you're really qualified for the job. Next time you find yourself questioning your skills, try these tips:

5 Ways to Beat Your Imposter Syndrome

1. Build your case

You are innocent until proven imposter!

We already know that you are far beyond the possibility of being someone who cannot show up for the job. You are already the person for your job — you just need to prove it to yourself.

One of the best ways to build your confidence in yourself is by writing down the things you achieve so you can really reflect on them, whether it's something small you took care of at work or a major goal you reached. Write it down when something good happens so you can keep proving to yourself that you are capable.

2. Cancel comparison culture

Comparison is always a losing game. Nobody wins when you find yourself caught in the trap of comparing your life, your challenges, and your achievements to others.

It's easy to knock yourself down a notch when you spend your time looking at the work of other people. But what is that really doing for you? Why are you watching their journey when you could be focused on your own?

Limit the social media scrolls, the interactions that make you feel less-than, and the time you spend comparing your life to others. When you focus on your progress, you will begin to execute on the important things and really move the needle for yourself.

3. Establish a Board of Directors

Create your own personal Board of Directors in your life — aka, give the people in your life assigned roles for things you can learn from them or gain from the relationship. Maybe you have a person you go to specifically for business questions, or relationship questions, or reality tv chats. Anything goes!

Find the people you can lean on and who can support you in your journey to success. And don't forget to find ways to bring value to them, too! Check out this blog for some tips on building your Board of Directors.

4. Master your craft

Imposter syndrome has zero room to grow when you're focused on mastering your craft. When you're driven to become so good at what you do that nothing can throw you off your path, your confidence will begin to skyrocket.

Make mastery a part of your routine. Set aside time dedicated to getting better at what you do every single day so you never find yourself questioning if you're qualified enough or good enough. (Psst! Mastery is one of the 3 Morning M's — check out the others!)

5. Imagine the worst case scenario

It may not feel super motivational at first, but take a moment to imagine the worst case scenario for your life. Sit in it and acknowledge what it might feel like to be in that situation.

Now ask yourself: how likely is it that this will happen?

How many mistakes would you have to make? Then not learn from? Our worst case scenarios are often much more unlikely than we believe. Be intentional about working against the decisions that would bring you to that scenario so you can keep yourself on the path to success.

Q: Which tip are you gonna try first?

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