We are not connecting. Let’s just call a spade a spade here and be blunt for a second…I don’t care how many likes, heart emojis, or retweets you show me. Digital validation is not friendship. Social approval is not connection. Unless, of course, it’s backed by action. Because, the truth is actions – even from […]

Stop Being Pandemic Polite

A couple phrases have started to play on repeat… “New normal.” “Stay safe.” “Unprecedented times.” They show up in every conversation. And, if you’re like me, all three have slowly started to chip away at you. Conversation after conversation, they’re starting to break me down. It’s not that I don’t find validity to the words- […]

Life in Quarantine: 3 Things to Stop Saying (and What I’m Doing Instead)

They say, “it takes a village.”  I’m not entirely sure who “they” is, but I am sure they’re right.  It’s one of those cliché phrases I have heard my entire life. A statement you hear over and over and eventually take for granted. Like “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” –it sounds obvious […]

Social Distancing with a Newborn: It Takes a (Virtual) Village

Having a reason to get out of bed matters. Knowing your purpose matters.  And yet, there are days when both feel impossible. At least for me.  I’m here to admit that I’m no a stranger to clinging to my bed when the world feels like too much. In fact, a couple of Sundays ago (at […]

Get Up: Finding a Reason to Get Out of Bed