New year, new self-care routine! After the year we had in 2020 (yikes), 2021’s focus needs to be caring for yourself and your mindset. Take some time this year to step back and reflect on what you need, and make a plan to prioritize those needs in your daily life. Need some help getting started? […]

5 Ways to Start Prioritizing Yourself in 2021

The temperature is plummeting. The sun is setting at 4pm. And honestly, the days are feeling a little…drab. Sure, winter can be beautiful, but spending long hours indoors (hi, social distancing) and missing out on much-needed sunshine can take a toll on your motivation — and your mental health. Cabin fever got ya down? This […]

Crush Your Cabin Fever: 5 Habits to Help You Stay Sane This Winter

Have you ever owed something to a friend? Or had a friend owe you something? No matter how close of friends you are, it never fails to become a point of tension in the relationship. How can you live life on an even playing field when that guilt is hanging over your head? Keeping score […]

The Problem With Keeping Score

Self-care doesn’t always come in the form of face masks and bubbling glasses of wine. Though those are two very viable options. 👀🥂 Self-care is simply practicing kindness towards you. It’s taking a moment away from what the world wants from you so you can ensure your needs are met. If you’ve been struggling to […]

5 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

Due to COVID-19, more people than ever are working exclusively from home. This means more couples are working from home together for the first time ever. And no matter how much you love your partner…they might not always be the perfect coworker in your work life! Tensions can rise when you’re adjusting to change together, […]

Working From Home With a Significant Other — How to Keep the Peace

Both in business and in our personal lives, emotions can be difficult to manage. Often, we judge our own thoughts and feelings more harshly than anyone else. This can be detrimental when left unchecked, leading to a mindset of anxiety and doubt. Emotional intelligence can be challenging to grasp, but with hard work and new […]

Everything You Need to Know About Emotional Intelligence

We all know the stress of the job hunt. Browsing the ‘hiring’ pages online, practicing how you’ll negotiate your pay in the mirror, wondering if you’ve got what it takes. And a big part of the job hunt process is your BFF, the resume. And like a lot of things in life, resumes can be […]

How to Write an Impressive Resume

When a friend suggested I try bullet journaling as a means of managing anxiety, it was all I could do not to pack up my things and leave the table. It was the fall of my sophomore year of college. In the month prior, I had switched majors, ended a (relatively) long-term relationship, moved out […]

Beat Your Anxiety with Bullet Journaling

Resourcefulness. If you have it, you’ll go far. If you don’t…you’re gonna need it. Like, yesterday. The ability to use the resources that are readily available to you and find what you need is an incredibly valuable skill. Even today, when all the information in the world is in our pockets and at our fingertips, […]

Using Your Resources: How to Find What You Need Online