If you’re actively going after the life you want, chances are that life includes some form of freedom with your time, your career, your finances–you get the picture. I’m right there with you. When seeking freedom, you inevitably need to assess your daily decision-making. When you pursue big visions for your life, at some point you’ll […]

What True Freedom ACTUALLY Looks Like

“Look, you just can’t have it all.” Most of us go-getters have heard that one before. It’s likely we heard it from someone close to us—a friend, colleague, or family member—after we chronicled how difficult it’s been to juggle some combination of career, parenthood, relationships, hobbies, exercise, and inner peace.  Whew. Sound familiar?  Our first […]

You CAN Have It All, But Not How You Expected

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Sure, that might be true when it comes to others, but have you considered how your OWN words are hurting yourself? It seems silly at first, but all those pesky qualifiers you use in your everyday voice are chipping away at you […]

5 Words to Stop Using In Order to Reclaim Your Space

Welcome to Summer 2021! Let’s make it a productive one, shall we? Look around and ask yourself who you see having success come their way. I guarantee these people are the ones with daily habits in place. With the right habits, you can up your ability to be productive and increase your time-efficiency, all while […]

6 Essential Productive Habits for Summer 2021

Now that we’ve wrapped up Season 6 of Detail Therapy, treat your reading list to this round-up of every book mentioned in the season!  Including Amy’s faves and books written by Season 6 guests, this is your go-to for a summer of productive reads. Whether you want to level up in your career, embrace self-care, […]

31 Book Recommendations for a Productive Summer 2021