In this episode, Amy connects you with three powerhouse women who are doing incredible work in their businesses & share how they can empower you to do the same! (1:48) Ready to get activated towards success? Here are the deets! Amy shares the mic today with three incredible women who will help you step into […]

Step Into Your Power & Reclaim Your Authority | Ep. 144

In this episode, Amy sheds light on how you can build your business as an influencer WITHOUT making these crucial mistakes! Want to instantly level up your small business? DOWNLOAD THE FAKE ASSISTANT CHEAT SHEET HERE! (3:04) What’s the deal with “influencing”? Amy offers insight on her background in influencer work as a Youtuber and […]

The Biggest Mistake Influencers Are Making With Their Business | Ep. 143

In this episode, Amy’s answering your questions about self-worth, productivity in pregnancy, what to do when you feel lost, and more! ENROLL NOW for Self-Love Level Up! We’re in the midst of this brand new course! It’s not too late to enroll now and catch all the replays of live sessions with Amy! Self-Love Level […]

Detaching Self-Worth From Productivity | Q&A | Ep. 142

In this episode, Amy unpacks some crucial mindset mistakes and how to shift these stories to support you rather than stifle you! (2:59) Self-Love Level Up PRE-SALE OPEN NOW! This brand new course kicks off on March 6th, and it’s not too late to enroll! Self-Love Level Up is a 5-day immersive event that will […]

Mindset Mistakes We Think Will Protect Us (But Are Doing the Opposite!) | Ep. 141

In this episode, Amy gets into the details about how to stop saying sorry (when you really don’t need to!) and what to START saying instead. (2:50) We don’t need to be sorry (…because we’re not actually sorry!) The word “sorry” has been so thrown around that it’s more of a filler word than a […]

Stop Saying Sorry, Do This Instead! | Ep. 140

In this episode, Amy talks about all things CONFIDENCE! Where does it come from? Can we get more of it, and how do we hold onto it? Tune in to find out Amy’s trick to lasting confidence that comes from within. (1:46) What’s the deal with confidence? We need it, we want it, and we’d […]

The Trick to Creating More Confidence | Ep. 139

In this episode, Amy dives into the details about how to consistently show up for yourself, stay motivated, and avoid the burnout that often comes with pursuing your goals! (2:28) Mentality is EVERYTHING! Around this time of year, we often really need a jumpstart for our motivation. Of course, we know it’s not as easy […]

Find the Motivation to Consistently Win the Day | Ep. 138

In this episode, Amy sits down with her dear friend Chris Ducker to chat about all things Youtube strategy, growing your community, and the power of a morning routine! (2:19) Is it too late to start my Youtube channel? The short answer: nope! It all depends on your goal. It’s never too late to start […]

Amy’s Favorite Youtube Hacks to Grow Your Community | Ep. 137

Welcome back to Season 8 of Detail Therapy! In this episode, Amy’s debunking some major money mindsets that limit your success, and offers advice for how to change those conversations! (1:57) Let’s talk about MONEY! Money is such a taboo topic, often approached with a hush-hush attitude. Let’s commit to making it a conversation we […]

5 Money Mindsets That Are Holding You Back | Ep. 136

Welcome back to Season 8 of Detail Therapy! In this episode, Amy’s unpacking what we really need to do in order to release negativity from our lives and fuel positivity instead. (1:43) Some thoughts on negativity… Amy offers some insight as what life looks like for her lately, and what that means for the level […]

How to Detox from Negativity | Ep. 135

Welcome back to Detail Therapy! In this episode, Amy breaks down some reasons why you might not have the social media following you’re hoping for. (2:05) Let’s talk social media… SPOILER ALERT: This isn’t about growth-hacking. This is about how you share WHO you are and WHAT you do best in a way that attracts […]

10 Reasons Why You Don’t Have a Social Media Following | Ep. 134

Whether you’re just starting out in business or you’ve been around for a while, you don’t just want to survive. The goal is to THRIVE. With a little extra intention, you can take the overwhelm out of business ownership and turn it into empowerment. Assess I know it’s not always pretty. Still, you have to […]

4 Essential Actions for Financial Freedom in Business | AD