Mindset is EV-ERY-THING. You and I both know this to be true. We own it. We try to live by it. Why? Because we know it is one of the most powerful impacts on our health, both physically and emotionally. Not on board yet? Get ready for me to blow your mind.  On average each […]

You Are What You Think. And Your Health Depends On It.

There is no greater obstacle in life than the inability to make a decision. Truly. We are chased down by decisions all day, every day. Some are easier than others, but even the ones that seem insignificant add up. At times, the magnitude of our decisions–even the little ones–can begin to weigh us down. Do […]

Escaping the Trap of Indecision

Most of us have been told our entire lives to “Be yourself!”. Those words were plastered on our kindergarten classroom walls and whispered to us by loving parents as they sent us off to middle school. Those that are older and wiser often speak of reaching an age where they finally embraced their true self, […]

Why Authenticity Is Your Greatest Asset

If you’ve been around the productivity universe for even just a minute, you’ll know that habits are the ESSENTIAL building blocks of success. There’s no way around it: no matter what kind of success you’re seeking, you gotta start with the small things. If you keep the small things in place, the big things WILL […]

Small Daily Actions, Big Collective Results

Financial abundance. There, I said it. Some might call it “wealth” or “prosperity”, you get the picture. It’s certainly not a bad thing to hope for. It’s also not a bad thing to admit you are ACTIVELY working towards.  Where to begin? With your mindset. The abundance mindset is built on the idea that there […]

Financial Abundance Begins With Your Mindset. Here’s How.

The stories we tell ourselves ABOUT ourselves matter. Allow me to present one word that can make you OR break you as you go after the life you want: self-narrative.  When was the last time you flat-out stopped yourself from doing something merely because it just…didn’t seem like something YOU would do? Going to the […]

The Power of the Stories You Tell Yourself

You know the feeling. I do too. You just walked out of an exciting meeting where you got asked to [Insert thrilling new opportunity or responsibility HERE] ! You couldn’t be more jazzed about it until—SHE shows up. Uninvited. As usual. You know her. She’s the nagging, fearful, entitled one that—despite your proven abilities— projects […]

When Imposter Syndrome Crashes Your Party

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy is closing out Season 6! Let’s look back at the amazing conversations we’ve had this season and even discuss some of your favorite moments! Amy is going to give us insight as to when is the best time of day for manifesting the life U want! (3:00) Amy […]

The Best Time of Day to Manifest Your Dreams SEASON FINALE | Ep. 121

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy joins Ashley Stahl to talk about her new book, “Your Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, Design Your Dream Career”, and how to get focused when finding your passion and purpose in your career. (3:00) Why do you do what you do? Ashley breaks down her purpose of […]

Discover Your Core Skill for Career Purpose featuring Ashley Stahl | Ep. 120

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy is answering your questions and specifically tackling the concept of personal branding paralysis. Want to know how to get out of your own way so you can make a name for yourself? This is the episode for you! (2:00) Amy is so grateful for your questions! Thanks so […]

Personal Branding Paralysis… and other Q&A | Ep. 119

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy joins Jessica Zweig to talk about her new book, “Be. A No Bullsh*t Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself”, and get deep while digging into what it means to have an abundant mindset. (2:30) Today’s episode is sponsored by S’moo S’moo […]

How to Choose an Abundant Mindset feat. Jessica Zweig | Ep. 118

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy joins Mark Schaefer a globally recognized author, speaker, podcaster, and business consultant to talk about your cumulative advantage. This episode is sponsored by the Good Morning, Good Life Planner which is now restocked! Get your copy here! (4:09) Why do you do what you do? Very simply, Mark […]

Creating Your Cumulative Advantage feat. Mark Schaefer | Ep. 117