5 Must-Haves for an Effective At-Home Workout

Just because you can't make it into the gym doesn't mean you have to skip your workout! Whether you're staying home to quarantine, the gym is closed, or you just don't have time for the commute, you can crush your workout from the comfort of your own home with the right equipment!

Crush Your At-Home Workout with These 5 Things

1. A yoga mat

A quality yoga mat is a MUST when working out in the home-gym. Having a soft surface beneath you during your workouts, whether you're indoors or outdoors, is important for both your muscles and your safety (we wanna avoid a tumble during the yoga flow onto the cold, hard floor at all costs!)

Find a yoga mat (I love my Lululemon mat) that suits your style and can stand the pressure of a good workout. This is the piece of equipment you'll likely use the most, as it's the base for your other workouts! Skip the cheap stuff and do some digging — there are more budget-friendly options out there than you may think! Here's a few of my favs:

Yoga Mat Recos:

2. Hand weights

Grab a couple hand weights to add some strength training into your routine. Having a set of 2 Lb, 5 Lb, and 8 Lb weights is a great place to start! HIIT training, yoga, and pilates routines can all benefit from the addition of a little extra weight on your muscles, giving you a more effective workout.

Hand weights can also be used in your cardio routine — walk a lap around the block with some weights to easily increase the intensity of your exercise!

Hand Weight Recos:

3. A kettleball

I wasn't entirely sold on the kettleball concept until I read The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. He explores the science behind kettleball workouts (why they work, how they work, etc.) and explains how significant weight loss can be achieved with just this 1 piece of equipment. (For all the deets, pick up the book!)

If you're incorporating a kettleball into your exercise routine, start with a weight you feel comfortable with. You can always add more over time! Here are a few lightweight kettleballs to get you started:

Kettleball Recos:

4. Resistance bands

Resistance bands tone and strengthen your muscles, keeping you lean and trim. They can have an intense impact or be a lighter addition to your routine depending on what you're looking for in your results.

You can find resistance bands with handles or without. The flat bands without handles that wrap around your arms or legs are great for more muscle-specific training, while bands with handles can offer more general strength training. Try both and see what works for you!

Resistance Band Recos:

5. A streaming service

If you're used to professionally-led classes in a gym setting, completing an effective workout without any guidance might seem daunting. If you need some structure to get moving, find a streaming service that offers the classes you're looking for. Sites like Peloton and P.volve have a huge selection of different workouts that you can stream anytime, anywhere!

Stream recos:

QOTD: What helps you work out effectively at home?

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