Discover Your Core Skill for Career Purpose featuring Ashley Stahl | Ep. 120

In this episode of Detail Therapy, Amy joins Ashley Stahl to talk about her new book, “Your Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, Design Your Dream Career”, and how to get focused when finding your passion and purpose in your career.

(3:00) Why do you do what you do?

Ashley breaks down her purpose of helping people find clarity in their careers. Amy and Ashley reminisce together and chat about the new book that she was working on when they were together last. Ashley tells us her experience writing this book and how it freed her soul and made her feel truly proud of herself.

(4:10) What are your 3 lily pads?

Ashley talks about 3 lily pads that people tend to reach for throughout their career and purpose discovery journey. She talks about the different mindsets you possess within each level, and how that concept inspired her new book.

(8:00) How do you discover your core skillset?

Ashley tells Amy the story of how she found out what her calling was and how you can look for it in your daily life. She walks us through how you can flow with your career path in a “zone of genius” that will help you do your best work.

(11:00) When have you seen me at my best?

Ashley and Amy discuss how reaching out to friends and peers to get more opinions on what you are actually good at. It's so important to hear from others about what they look to you for the most. Ashley adds that you need to be authentic to yourself through the discovery process. Amy chimes in about how your “calling” actually means what people are calling you to do for them.

(14:50) How do you work through imposter syndrome?

Amy asks Ashley to give advice on imposter syndrome when going after your passion, or what you think is your passion. Ashley paints us a picture of how you can determine your core values in a simple and efficient way. Amy adds that core values can be overwhelming but so so sooo important to determine how you operate!

(17:50) The 10 Core Skillsets!

Amy asks Ashley about the 10 core skillsets that are defined in her new book.

  1. Innovation: a creative self-starter or visionary.
  2. Building: can be literal or metaphorical; a construction worker or a strategy consultant
  3. Words: language, wordsmithing, creative writing.
  4. Motion: fitness trainers, tour guides, being on your feet all day.
  5. Service: helpers, humanitarians, supporters.
  6. Coordination: production coordinator, chief of staff.
  7. Analysis: Analytical therapist, analytics researcher.
  8. Numbers: bookkeepers, investment bankers, accountants.
  9. Technology: IT, artificial intelligence.
  10. Beauty: artists, musicians, designers.

Amy and Ashley think that defining your core skillsets can help you not only market yourself to potential employers but it also helps you define your purpose in life with more clarity.

(26:14) I hate the word “networking”

Amy asks Ashley to explain to someone who struggles with the concept of networking how they can do it best. Ashley gives great advice on how to network with authenticity and from a place of experimentation. Amy chimes in about how the pandemic has helped her conversations with others get more focused and intentional.

(32:00) Ashley's updated morning routine and closing questions

Amy asks Ashley about how her morning routine has changed since she was on the show last.

Ashley gives us her daily journal prompt that starts her day off on the right terms.

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