5 Tech Recommendations for Your Audio Recording Project

If you're thinking about starting a podcast or maybe doing voiceovers as a side hustle, there are a few things you'll need to get started. I've curated my favorite gear that I've used over years of podcast creation.

If I'm recording on my computer…

Audio-Technica AT2005 USB Microphone

When I'm recording a solo podcast or remote interview at my computer, I use this Audio-Technica Microphone. Audio-Technica definitely makes amazing products. The first microphone I bought from them was the ATR2100 but I've been using the 2005 version everyday for years! I prefer to keep it on a professional stand (see the next recommendation) so that I don't have any extra audio issues, but this might be a great microphone for other handheld purposes as well! Maybe for a video?

InnoGear Heavy Duty Microphone Stand and Pop Filter

The InnoGear Heavy Duty Microphone Stand and Pop Filter are great for setting your microphone up for success and keeping your audio issues to a minimum. A pop filter is super important for cutting out harsh sounds in your audio, and this one even blocks out wind or other background noise! No one wants to hear your bumps and pops, even if you are just SUPER passionate 😉

Adobe Audition

When I'm recording my own audio or doing any audio editing, I use Adobe Audition. It's definitely a more advanced audio editor, but why not go big, right? We are big Adobe users at GATLUW House so I'm all in.

If I'm recording on location…

Audio-Technica Headset Mics

The Audio-Technica Headset Mics are a must-have for on-location podcasting. They seal out distracting background noise and even have replaceable earpads (stay sanitary, right!?) If I'm meeting up with a guest for a Detail Therapy interview, I have 2 of these that I plug into my Zoom recorder (see next recommendation) and they make a great run-and-gun setup!

Zoom H4N Audio Recorder

This is my go-to audio recorder. I use this to record my audio in AmyTV videos. I plug my Audio-Technica headsets into it for on-location interviews (see previous recommendation.) This is my little buddy. The Zoom H4N Portable Recorder has been close to me for my audio recording needs for ever. Not gonna lie, it's lookin' a little used but it still works great for YEARS!

(Please note: for the headset and zoom on-location setup, there are attachment cords needed to make them work together! All of it is available on Amazon!)

Q: What are you hoping to create with audio? Share a comment below!

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