How to Hold Yourself Accountable

Even the CEO has to report to somebody.

When we're working towards a goal, accountability is a major factor in whether we achieve success or fall flat on our faces. Some know they need it, some think they don't — truth is, we all need to take a little responsibility every once in a while and hold ourselves accountable on our goals. These are some simple things you can do to master the art of self-discipline!

4 Ways to Hold Yourself More Accountable

1. Know your tendencies

Keeping yourself accountable often means creating a habit or routine where you can check in with yourself. Before you know how to create the habits that align with your lifestyle, you have to know what your lifestyle is. How do you operate? How do you get things done? And what kind of accountability do you need in order to be successful?

To learn more about your tendencies when it comes to being held accountable, I recommend you take Gretchen Rubin's The Four Tendencies quiz. There, you'll learn if you thrive off internal or external accountability so you can build habits that work.

PS — Drop your results in the comments below! 🙌

2. Create & commit to a schedule

A great way to hold yourself accountable is by creating a trackable schedule (on your digital calendar, written in a journal, anywhere you can find it and reference it). When your agenda is written down (not that it has to be set in stone, but enough to give you a blueprint for each day) you can see the stretches of time where you're most productive as well as the gaps where things tend to fall apart.

By sticking to a schedule and keeping it updated in your calendar, you can also look back on your week or month and see the amount of times you skipped a habit. Keep yourself accountable by sticking to the schedule you create — if you've scheduled effectively, everything that needs to get done has a place, time, and plan!

3. Know your ‘why'

You're bound to get sidetracked from your goals if you aren't fully clear on the purpose behind them. Discover your own personal mission statement. Why are you setting goals? Why are you working towards them? What difference will they make in your life and your future?

Get unmistakably clear about your ‘why' in order to stay on track with your achievements. Write it on a sticky note and stick it to your mirror or the steering while of your car — somewhere you'll see it and remember it daily. Keep yourself accountable by checking in with that ‘why' and noting the progress you've made toward the life you want!

4. Make time to reflect

Keep track of your progress by making time to reflect. At the end of each week, look back on what went well and what needed some work. Are there spots in your schedule you can fill to get more accomplished? Are there some things you need to take off your plate to beat the overwhelm and be efficient?

If things get tough and you find yourself slipping off track, avoid dragging yourself down or making yourself feel guilty. We're human, and recognizing a need for improvement is accountability in and of itself. Be honest with yourself and the people around you about what you need to be successful, and get after it!

QOTD: What works best for you when you need to hold yourself accountable?

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