7 Pillars to The Life You Want | Ep. 84

Detail Therapy is back for Season 5! We're starting off this season with the 7 pillars you need to achieve the life YOU want.

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7 Pillars to the Life You Want

What does it mean to go after the life you want? These 7 areas are your starting point for planning a balanced and productive life you love.

1. Health (8:56)

Health is everything! You can't live your best life when you're down for the count. In order to protect your physical health and keep yourself on top of your game, focus on these things:

  • Sleep — Get enough sleep so your body can get the rest it needs to function effectively.
  • Nutrition — Keep your diet as balanced as possible. It's okay to treat yourself once in a while, but remember those veggies!
  • Fitness — Move your body every single day to keep yourself fit and ready for anything. Check out our at-home workout tips to get started!

Do one thing today: Take a walk. Bonus points if you don't take your phone. 10-15 mins.

2. Mindset (14:50)

Your mindset is SO big. It's the thing that gets your body moving and that gets you thinking about making important changes. Take care of it and check in regularly to keep yourself on the right track.

  • Confidence — Practice collecting confidence as you go. Pick it up and put it in your pocket, and over time it begins to grow.
  • Focus — How focused are you? A lack of confidence can lead to a lack of focus. Remember: you don't have to do all the things.
  • Imagination — We often forget to daydream. Take time to imagine what could be.

Do one thing today: Answer this question: If the process were easy, what success would you want for your life?

3. Relationships (20:21)

When it comes to going after the life you want, we need people. Even as an introvert, it's so important to connect with the people around us.

  • Family — Sometimes your family is created by the people you're born to, but other times, you have to create your own family. We all have to care for each other one way or another.
  • Friends — These are the people we choose to have in our lives because we enjoy what they add. Take care of them, check in, and be there for them.
  • Network — Networking doesn't have to be scary! Your network is made up of the people you've connected with through your career, your friends, or your organizations.

Do one thing today: Scroll to the bottom of your text messages and find someone you haven't talked to in months/years. Say hello. Don't qualify it! Just check in.

4. Career (26:33)

Whether you're starting a side hustle or going after that promotion, your career is majorly important in the life you want.

  • Passion — Your passion is the thing that makes you love what you do. Jobs are jobs, but passion keeps you from dreading clocking in.
  • Expertise — Where does your focus lie when it comes to your career?
  • Work Ethic — A quality work ethic comes from showing up and doing the work that helps you level up.

Do one thing today: Ask someone how you can help them.

5. Wealth (30:19)

You need cash flow in order to chase the life you want! Get your finances in order so you never have money stress looming over your head.

  • Pay bills — Paying bills is a necessity, but don't let it be a noose around your neck. Manage your expenses to allow yourself to build wealth.
  • Save money — Build wealth so you can be prepared for anything in your life.
  • Invest — Investing is important, especially if you're self employed. Get clarity on how and when to invest.
  • Charitable Contributions — Being able to help others because someone helped you is huge. Give back, no matter what.
  • Have fun — You've gotta be able to have fun and treat yourself! Save money and build wealth dedicated to you.

Do one thing today: Decide what percentage of every paycheck or any money you make will go to your long-term savings. This could be a 3-6 month rainy day fund in case you need to take time off. Or want to take time off. So always work toward building it.

6. Spirit (36:57)

Take care of your spiritual wellbeing, whatever that looks like for you. Similar to your mindset, your spirit is the starting point that sets you up for success in every other area.

  • Religion/ Higher Power — If religion is part of your life, commit time to it that will benefit your spiritual wellbeing. How do you build your relationship with it regularly?
  • Light — What is the light that guides you? Find something you can lean on that gives you somewhere to go.

Do one thing today: Give yourself 5 minutes of space to allow your light to communicate to you, outside of how you would normally let it in.

7. Legacy (38:42)

Legacy is what you leave behind in this world. It's what you work towards in your work and your relationships and your goals. How will you leave this world a better place than you found it?

  • Purpose — Your passion should help you understand your purpose.
  • Volunteering — Do you help your community? Share the things you're building in your life through giving your time to others.
  • Mentorship — If you're an expert on something, it's important to pass that on to others. Teach people about the work you do so they can pick up where you leave off.

Do one thing today: Think about what you hope people will say about you after you're gone.

Bonus: check out the book Living Forward by Michael Hyatt

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