7 Morning Habits of Successful People

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the way you start your day is a big indication of how successful your day will be.

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to hop out of bed feeling ready to take on anything when the sun is shining through the windows and you’re excited about what the day holds? Wouldn’t it be nice if every day felt like that?

Sure, it’s not totally reasonable to expect the sun to be shining every day…but hear me out.

You and you alone have control over your mornings. I also know (because you're here right now!) that you want to be successful. Who doesn't?! The first step to reaching that success is to craft a morning that propels you there each and every day. Here are 7 ways to get started:


1. Skip the snooze

I have a few choice words for whoever invented the snooze button, because it’s literally helping no one. When you hit the snooze and try to sneak in a couple extra minutes of shut-eye, only two things can happen: 1. You throw off your sleep cycle and wake up even groggier than before, or 2. You oversleep, wake up crazy late, and have to rush out the door, not any more rested than you would’ve been if you just got up the first time. 

Do yourself a favor and skip the snooze. Set your alarm for a time that you know is reasonable. If you’ve never woken up at 4:30am before, it’s probably not gonna happen tomorrow if you’re used to waking up at 8. Take baby steps, and get up when that first alarm goes off. Your body (and your schedule) will thank you later!

2. Morning pages

That’s right, it’s my girl Julia Cameron. Her book The Artist’s Way inspired me to start this practice years ago, and I haven’t stopped since. Morning Pages is the process of brain-dumping first thing in the morning. I wake up, make my lemon water and coffee, and head to my office to crack open a notebook. Then I jot down anything that’s going on in my mind – bad dreams, grudges from the day before, worries about the day ahead, anything that feels like a weight on my brain. When it’s all cleared onto the page, I can literally feel the space open up in my thought process. Don’t carry stress or grudges or anxieties in your head – try Morning Pages and see what you can leave on the pages.

3. Plan your day 

Honestly, do whatever you gotta do. If it’s a to-do list, great. Time batching? Fantastic. Blocking your schedule on your Google calendar? Amazing! Find a system that works for you when it comes to keeping track of your daily agenda. Being able to have a bird’s eye view of your day when you get ready in the morning gives you a plan of action. Things are less likely to creep up on you. And you can move through your day with intention, because you’ve prepared for the events ahead!

4. Stretch

Prioritize waking up your body as much as you wake up your mind. Incorporate stretching into your morning routine, whether it’s some basic toe-touches or a full yoga flow. Your body has been stationary for 7-8 hours, and is likely a little stiff. Warm up your muscles, especially if you plan to work out later in the day.

5. Skin Care

Want to feel your best? Take a few minutes each morning to help your skin look its best. Wash your face with a cleanser to get the last 7 hours of sleep out of your pores, and moisturize. I have a rotation of products that are always on hand for my routine – check them out here!

6. Research Your Passions

Do you know what you’re passionate about?

Maybe you already know. But if you don’t, think about what makes you truly excited to get up each day. What is going to be enough to pull you from those comfy sheets? Dedicate some time for soul-searching each morning and get familiar with the things that excite you. 

If you already know your passion, great! What else can you learn about it? What opportunities can you derive from it? Who can you talk to about it? Dive deep into your passion every day to keep it growing stronger.

7. Goal Review

Remember that “intention” thing I mentioned? It’s pretty important.

Write down your goals and make a habit of reflecting on them. What are they? Why do they matter? How are you going to achieve them? Re-writing those goals and/or the answers to these questions daily is a mindfulness practice that keeps you familiar with the things you’re going after. Want to build intention into your life? Know your goals, know what it takes to get there, and don’t stop searching for opportunities to make progress.

Q: Have you incorporated any of these habits into your morning routine? Tell me about it in a comment, or leave some suggestions of new morning habits!

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