5 Red Flags of Someone Who’s Full of It | Ep. 160

In this episode, Amy shares 5 red flags to look out for when someone is full of it!

(2:00) Who's the ‘Bar'?

Amy starts us off by discussing the culture of comparison we currently live in.

(2:25) Doing what, when?

Amy dives into her first tip and it's all about consistency. When does consistent posting become a smokescreen for a lack of true mastery?

(4:12) Who has time to brag?

Amy questions whether those individuals with time to brag about being productive are really being all that productive. Doing truly productive work is rarely newsworthy for your socials.

(5:57) Who said it first?

A jack of all trades is said to be a master of none. Ask yourself whether this ‘thought-leader‘ is simply regurgitating information or adding value of their own.

(7:08) Have they done the work?

Amy knows a little something about giving people advice on the internet. If they're going to get preachy, they'd probably better get practicing.

(7:50) What's the score?

Scorekeeping is a good idea for sports, but a bad idea for your interpersonal (or even para-social) relationships. It can even be a red flag.


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