35 Life Lessons from 35 Years

Older? Yes. Wiser? You know it!

For my birthday this year, I want to share 35 lessons I've learned in my 35 years of life. Some about work, some about love, some about success — but all about how I can continue to go after the life I want.

35 Life Lessons I've Learned

  1. Asking for help & saying “I don't know” are not signs of weakness. It's okay to admit when you need something.
  2. Men are simple. Don't try to overcomplicate them.
  3. Women are complicated. Like, complicated. We just are. Embrace it!
  4. Shortcuts do not exist.
  5. You don't need to use emojis or exclamation points to justify a request. Just ask for what you want.
  6. You will not learn to make more money until you stop trying to qualify how much your time is worth.
  7. Your mornings are always yours, until you tell the world otherwise.
  8. Sun tanning is bad. Get some self-tanner and save your skin!
  9. It's okay to be a little selfish.
  10. It's okay to love someone unconditionally, even if they don't quite understand you.
  11. When someone calls you a b***h, it's because they can't handle how bold you are.
  12. The word “sorry” is meaningless & overused if you do not change your actions.
  13. You are NEVER stuck.
  14. You are NOT in the way.
  15. Build your own bandwagon.
  16. Have your own bank account, separate from your significant other. Always keep some money in it.
  17. If you can't buy yourself gifts, don't ask for any. But have something in mind if someone asks.
  18. Make your bed.
  19. Pay your bills on time. You get a little leeway sometimes, but don't get used to it!
  20. If someone doesn't like who you are, it is okay to say goodbye.
  21. If you do not like who someone else is, it is okay to say goodbye.
  22. If you don't agree with someone, but you love them anyway, find acceptance.
  23. Do not apologize for who you are.
  24. Respect the seasons of life.
  25. Your past is meaningless unless you learn from it.
  26. Men will always give you crap about your performance in the kitchen. That being said…
  27. You do not need to be great in the kitchen to have a happy home life.
  28. Things do not have the ability to make you happy. But if you're grateful for what you have, you'll always be satisfied.
  29. You could leave life at any moment. And so could someone you love.
  30. “NO” is a full sentence. Use it.
  31. Someone will always have something to say about your choices.
  32. Most people are good & beautiful if you get to know them.
  33. Read something every day.
  34. Pursue your goals with great focus, but be flexible.
  35. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

P.S. — Thank you to everyone in ShineSquad who made my birthday so special!

QOTD: What's the most important piece of wisdom you've learned?

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