21 Healthy Habits to Start in 2021

A new year is the perfect time to build new and improved habits! Especially after the year that was 2020…😬

Whether you're working on that new year's resolution or trying to get back on the wagon with your goals, try these 21 healthy habits to change the game for yourself this year.

21 Things to Start Doing in 2021

To build habits that work in every area of your life, we're going to divide them up into the 7 GATLUW Goal categories:


1.Take vitamins every day: Start your year off strong by keeping your body healthy. I started taking care/of vitamins because you can customize what comes in your daily packs and always get exactly what you need!

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2. Drink 16oz of water every morning: We tend to get dehydrated overnight — don't let your body stay that way! Start each morning off with the habit of hydration and commit to drinking at least 16ox of water before you start the coffee.

3. Schedule your sleep: Put what time you need to be in bed on your calendar so you can plan the rest of your evening routine around it. To find your ideal bedtime, find your wake-up time, plan how long you need to be asleep for, and find the time you need to be in bed in order to achieve that goal.


4. Write everything down: Don't task your brain with remembering every little detail of your life. Instead of stressing over forgetting the important things, write everything down and keep it in a place where you can reference it later.

5. Make your bed: If you can't do the thing that takes 30 seconds, how can you expect yourself to show up for the bigger tasks? Start the day by making your bed so you can get that initial accomplishment under your belt.

6. Read a page every morning: Put an end to the excuse of never having time to read and commit to reading one page every morning. I read a page of The Daily Stoic before I start each day to keep my mindset in check.


7. Keep an achievements log: Make time to celebrate yourself! Keep a running list of the things you achieve so you can look back on your progress over time. Pro tip: keeping this list is also super beneficial if you need to update your resume.

8. Take notes after meetings: Create the habit of jotting down some notes after every meeting to make sure you take action on the things that need attended to. Maybe you need to book an appointment, complete a task, or reach out to someone — make a note so you can stay ontop of your game!

9. Accept criticism regularly: This one can be a little tough, but it's important to take criticism regularly so you can continue to grow and learn,


10. Keep track of birthdays: I use the Hip app to help me never forget a birthday again. Bonus points if you send some snail mail their way!

11. Label excellence: Acknowledge when someone is excellent at what they do. Not only are you lifting them up, but you're reframing excellence and the possibility of it in your mind — if they can do it, so can you!

12. Always offer help: Get into the habit of asking others how you can help them. Always be thinking of the value you can bring to those around you.


13. Save a consistent % if income: If you're working on building up your savings, set aside a consistent percentage of your income to go into that account every paycheck.

14. Keep a bank buffer: Eliminate the stress of over-drafting your account by keeping a bank buffer. This is an account with some extra money set aside that your main account can pull from if it ever runs too low.

15. Stop paying interest: Pay off your credit cards as fast as you can so you can avoid paying those high interest rates. It may seem like a tall mountain to climb at first, but at least make a plan to minimize the amount of time you spend paying those balances.


16. Keep a gratitude journal: Recognize and acknowledge the things you are grateful for by tracking them in a gratitude journal. When we write things down, they become clearer in our minds. This is a great way to make gratitude a habit and recognize it with more clarity when it appears in our lives.

17. Default to grace: You never truly know what someone is going through in their personal life. If someone upsets you or does something that bothers you, default to grace. Don't take things personally. Know that everyone is dealing with something on their own, and you could be the person to extend that grace to them.

18. Look for the positive: It's easy to point out the negative signs, like a storm cloud in the sky. But practice looking for the positives around you instead. Recognize them as signs that can motivate you and move you forward.


19. Give credit to others: Make a point to give credit where it is due. Remember: the ability to recognize the talents and abilities of others does not diminish your own light.

20. Be charitable: Give back to the organizations and charities that mean something to you. If money isn't something you can give, find ways to give your time, skills, or energy.

21. Think about your mortality: Finally, remember that you are not promised tomorrow. The only time we have for certain is right now. What will you do to make it spectacular?

QOTD: Which habit are you going to start 2021 off with?

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