How to End 2022 & Kick Off 2023 IN PROFIT! feat. Chris Ducker | Ep. 168

In this episode, serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker joins Amy to chat about everything from avoiding entrepreneurial burnout to managing your priorities (and precious time!) as a business owner.

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(3:54) Navigating Failure (& Why It's a Good Thing!)

Amy and Chris kick off this convo by chatting about Chris's background in business, a time he experienced a business failure, and the positive lessons he took from it.

(6:42) Saving Yourself from Entrepreneurial Burnout

Chris shares his thoughts on bootstrapping in the early days of your business, “hustle culture”, and how to create a sustainable strategy to avoid burning out early on.

(12:36) Saying YES To Your Priorities

After unpacking the myth of multi-tasking, Chris offers insight on how to leverage your priorities to save time, lessen stress, and learn when it's right to say yes or no.

(17:07) How to Gain Control of Your Calendar

Chris shares some truths about protecting your time, focus, and attention. He offers ideas for how to combat an overflowing calendar and unexpected interruptions that steal away time.

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