Never Work a Day in Your Life | Ep. 167

In this episode, Amy breaks down the Zone of Genius! What is it? How can it transform the way you work? And most of all: How can you discover your Zone of Genius?

(1:45) Book Reco: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Amy introduces the idea of the “Zone of Genius” by referencing this book by Gay Hendricks. In The Big Leap, Hendricks details four zones that we spend our time in, one being the Zone of Genius.

(2:00) Defining the 4 Zones

Amy breaks down the four zones that each of us spends our time in: Zone of Genius, Zone of Excellence, Zone of Competence, and Zone of Incompetence.

(4:13) How to Narrow Down Your Zones

Amy offers several guiding questions that will help you define what your Zone of Genius is, what types of work fall within it, and how you can narrow your scope to spend more time in that zone.

(8:09) Discovering YOUR Zone of Genius

Amy assures you that everyone (yes, even you!) has a Zone of Genius! Amy offers advice on how to clarify your skills, beliefs, and values to find your Zone of Genius.

(9:36) The Text Message Challenge

Amy challenges you to reach out to people you know (it can be anyone!) and ask them: “If you had to pick one thing that I am better at than anyone else you know, what would it be?”

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