Productivity Paranoia & Quiet Quitting: Is This the New Workplace? Ft. Michelle Tillis-Lederman | Ep. 165

In this episode, Michelle Tillis-Lederman joins Amy to talk about the changing workplace and how to navigate productivity paranoia and quiet quitting.

Michelle Tillis Lederman is a connection creator, speaker, coach, author, and CEO who inspires organizations and individuals to build real relationships. A multi-bestselling author, Michelle's latest book is called The Connectors Advantage: 7 Mindsets to Grow Your Influence and Impact.

(2:57) Navigating the Ever-Changing Workplace

First, Amy and Michelle discuss the changes in today's workplace. While hybrid work has taken the world by storm, factors like productivity, values, trust, and culture are also rapidly changing.

(6:29) Productivity Paranoia & Workplace Trust

Michelle unpacks “productivity paranoia” and workplace anxiety. Then, she offers a critical question for leaders to ask themselves when trust is lacking.

(12:44) What's the deal with “quiet quitting”?

Amy gets Michelle's take on “quiet quitting”. Michelle shares why “quiet quitting” is nothing new, how it impacts the workplace, and what it means for you.

(22:43) The “The Coach Approach” For Leadership

Amy shares some practices she has as a leader, and Michelle explains the benefits of “the coach approach”. Michelle offers leaders some conversation starters to encourage dialogue with their employees.

(28:26) The Connecter's Corner | Send in your questions!

Amy & Michelle introduce The Connecter's Corner to answer your questions about leadership, workplace challenges, relationship-building, and anything else you're itching to ask!

Send your questions to or to Amy and Michelle on Instagram!

(31:19) Generational Trends in the Workforce

Michelle discusses generational influences on workplace trends, like the importance of flexibility and freedom to young people today.

(34:08) Michelle's Tip for Remembering Relationship Details

Michelle shares how she keeps track of her network and documents the small details that make all the difference in relationship-building.

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