Which Notifications (Actually) Matter! | Ep. 164

In this episode, Amy unpacks how technology infiltrates our day-to-day lives and offers strategies to eliminate pesky distractions.

(2:31) Category #1: Never Need It

Amy breaks notifications down into three categories, starting with a “Never Need It” basis. These are the things like shopping sale notifications, gaming apps, and even social media apps. The more that an app operates by leveraging your FOMO, the less you need it pinging you all day!

(4:31) Category #2: Get to Know

Amy drops a hot take about some things that might (or might not!) fall into the “get to know” category. This is when it might be nice to know about something going on, but it's not a 100% essential notification.

Pro Tip: Use your smartphone's customization tools & Focus modes to pick and choose which notifications you want to receive at which time!

(7:34) Category #3: Need to Know

Amy shares some various apps that are in her “need to know” category at various hours of the day, like phone calls from her husband, text messages, her calendar, Slack, and reminder notifications.

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