The Rule for (Useful!) Notetaking | Ep. 162

In this episode, Amy shares amazing tips and tricks for taking useful notes that spur you into action!

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(1:42) Book Reco: How to Take Smart Notes

Amy kicks off this convo with a book recommendation, How to Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens and how it changed her perspective on notetaking.

(3:16) The trick for remembering what you write…

Amy shares how you can overcome the classic problem of writing everything down and yet remembering none of it. Save yourself time in the long run (by investing slightly more time while you write) with this tip!

(5:43) Introducing…fleeting notes!

Amy dives into the trick for making useful notes, how to do them correctly, and why they're so effective in getting information to stick.

(9:34) Declutter those notes!

Once you've made your notes and interpreted them in a more permanent place, it's time to throw that clutter away!

Pro Tip: Try Roam Research, Evernote, or even Apple Notes as places to refer back to your permanent notes.

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