The Fake Assistant Method | Ep. 161

In this episode, Amy pulls back the curtain on one of the best, earliest business decisions she made and how it changed her company for the better. Check out our Fake Assistant Cheat Sheet!

(1:40) Everyone starts somewhere

Amy starts us off with an anecdote about her early days in the business. When resources are limited, sometimes we have to get creative!

(2:20) A simple favor

Amy reflects on the pitfalls of dealing directly with clients as the head of your company. As CEO/Owner, the buck stops with you, and your clients know that.

(3:05) You're hired!

What were some of your most impactful business decisions? Here, Amy introduces a whole new (professional) spin on faking it until you make it, which will save you time.

(4:55) Spending money to make money

Amy reminds us that a vanity URL is exponentially cheaper than hiring an assistant. Not to mention, vanity URLs make your business feel much more legitimate.

(6:28) What's in a name?

Confidence is critical when it comes to interactions and fake assistants. Amy shares a pro-tip on how to leverage your fake assistant with conviction

(9:25) Introducing your fake assistant

Amy offers advice about where and when to use your assistant's email address to establish clear lines of communication with clients.

(11:05) Get your time back

Get your time back – How much time are you wasting on email? Amy goes back to her roots and reminds us how calendar management and time blocking are still key.

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