Productivity is DEAD. I’m Doing This Instead! | EP. 159

Is productivity dead? Join Amy as she dives into her unique perspective on productivity in 2022.

(1:52) The good, the bad, and the productive

Amy introduces the way our society's relationship with productivity has changed over the years. How have the last two years changed your mindset around productivity?

(2:30) Finding the balance in striking balance

Productivity can be addicting! What productivity practices are you engaging in because you enjoy the activity itself whether it's actually making you more productive?

(3:53) Identifying the real culprit

Is there a difference between productivity and hustling? The two can feel linked, even when we've reached a season of life where hustling might not be productive.

(6:10) What actually works

Consider your personal obstacles. Consider the context of where in your life you're trying to be more productive. Do your productivity tools serve both?

(8:00) Sleep on it

Amy offers some great advice on how to waste less time. If you're spending more time developing your productive hacks then doing the work, this is the tip for you.

(9:45) Get obsessed with your goal

Amy discusses the power of clarity around your goals and the importance of being focused but flexible.

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