Simple Steps to Get Your Life Together | Ep. 157

In this episode, Amy shares 5 simple steps to help you get your life together…and GATLUW!

(1:50) Going after the life you want

Amy starts us off by debating what is the life you are going after. She guides today's conversation with the question, “What is a life together for you actually look like?”.

(2:55) Your day, your terms

Amy discusses the importance of starting the day on YOUR terms. If you aren't starting the day by living for you, you more than likely won't continue to live for yourself.

(4:01) Tomorrow is NOT promised

You have to be able to give yourself a life to live! Easy steps to do this include making sure you are taking care of your body and mind.

(6:32) Surround yourself with people who better you

Think about the different types of people who you talk to on a daily. How are they serving you as your personal board of directors and pushing you to level up?

(10:36) Get your beauty sleep!

Amy wants us to commit to getting better sleep! Trying out this simple step could lead you to a new lifestyle of getting your life together!


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