Staying Focused When the World is a Hot Mess | Ep. 154

In this episode, Amy shares what helps her keep her head in the game despite the constant challenges popping up in the world.

(4:55) Strong boundaries & strong commitments

Amy shares a passage from one of her favorite books, The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday. She guides today's conversation with the question, “If we are allowing ourself to feel, how are we supposed to operate?”.

(9:32) What you're doing matters (but you gotta keep doing it!)

Amy opens up a conversation about our world's constant challenges and how we can channel that frustration or helplessness in a healthy way toward our goals.

(11:01) Respecting your bandwidth while enacting change

As the classic airplane advice goes, you gotta put your mask on before you can help others. Focus on setting yourself up for success and then think of ways how you can impact others.

(15:55) Give yourself the gift of letting go

Amy reminds us that this “hot mess” (whatever one you find yourself in) is only a season of your life! Continue to be committed to leaving the world a better place and focus your mind on your purpose.

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