When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Something, Try This | Ep. 152

In this episode, Amy lets you in on a mental hack that snaps you out of procrastinating when you don't feel like doing something! 

(5:12) What do you NOT feel like doing right now?

Amy wants to know! First, screenshot the pod while you listen! Then tag Amy on Instagram in your story to let her know what do you not feel like doing right now?

(6:25) Let's be REAL with each other…

Sometimes, you just don't feel like DOING the thing! And that's okay. Amy offers solidarity with an example from her life right now and shares some steps she's taking to get re-motivated.

(11:00) Ready or not, here you come!

Amy references a question from author Dan Pink to help you snap out of procrastination and into action (even if not all at once).

Pink wants us to ask ourselves, “On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you to do the thing you don't want to do?”.

(15:24) Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

Amy advises you to reflect on the evidence that is in YOUR favor. Reflection on the small things is important to help you become one step closer to making something possible.

(19:14) YOU are the master of yourself!

Amy unpacks one of the 3 Good Morning Moments: Mastery. We become masters of ourselves by figuring out how much we can handle and how it can help us accomplish the small possibilities.

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