Amy’s Post-Baby Morning Routine | Ep. 151

In this episode, Amy shares her post-baby morning routine and how life can change with new additions along the way!

(4:34) What are YOUR morning must-haves?

Amy wants to know! First, screenshot the pod while you listen! Then tag Amy on Instagram in your story to let her know what are 3 things you do in your morning routine right now!

(5:30) Staying consistent in different life seasons

Amy dives into our relationship with consistency and decision-making and how they're impacted by major life transitions.

(7:23) The morning routine queen has spoken!

Amy discusses her history with morning routines, how she factored in her relationships, and how her morning routine was essential to her entrepreneurship.

(12:53) Movement, Mindfulness, & Mastery

Amy reflects on the 3 essential pillars of Good Morning, Good Life: movement, mindfulness, and mastery.

(19:07) Morning Routines: Then & Now

Amy describes her post-baby morning routine and how having a child has impacted that routine.

(24:44) Your current season is NOT a life sentence!

Amy reassures us that it's okay to embrace change. If life doesn't look different than it used to, are you really growing as a person?

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